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All You Need To Know About Christian Mingle – The Complete Guide

Do you go to church every Sunday? Are you bound to have family dinners? If you are nodding, you are probably from the strict Christian family where flings are frowned upon. For this reason, strong followers of Christianity often look for long-term relationships (or the relationships that lead you to sing the wedding vows). Still, online dating apps hardly help find such relationships.

That being said, Christian Mingle is the new dating app that helps Christians find their marriage match. So, shall we check out more about this dating site?

Christian Mingle – The Overview

The dating site was designed for single Christian women and men seeking partners for romance and marriage. The users are required to show their current relationship status to avoid any complications down the road.

Well, the site might sound like a strict matchmaker, but it provides complete control over the match (no one will be pushed on you). The users can search for active subscribers, and an always-active community is great to chat with.

How To Sign Up

When you first sign up, you can use your email address or connect through your Facebook account. Christian Mingle has the easiest profile settings, and one can update the interests through a unique feature, Question Of The Week.

Setting Your Preferences

As far as the matches are concerned, you can find partners by defining their physical appearance. It allows setting the desired body type, eye colour, height, weight, and even hair colour.

It’s Easy!

Finding your potential spouse is the easiest on this site, especially if you are a Christian and mommy doesn’t allow one-night stands. Also, the aesthetic design is a huge plus!

What Could Be Better?

Christian Mingle could be better if there was a centralized contact system and not too many prayer requests. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that Christian Mingle is an intuitive site with a clutter-free layout and convenient navigation.
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