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How To Shoot Your Shot In 2021

Online dating is no less than gambling in Las Vegas because you have no idea how things will turn out to be, but it’s still addictive, you know?


Even Lizzo couldn’t stop herself from sliding into Chris Evan’s messages! In case you’ve been fawning around and keeping the crush “one-sided,” we are sharing how you can shoot your shots in 2021. So, shall we rip off the band-aid?

1. Instagram DMs

People might have told you that it’s too risky, but we think it’s a great start. However, don’t start stalking and sending nudes; take a natural approach instead. You simply need to assess her likes, dislikes, and interests, and when you see something similar, strike a conversation. This approach will actually make them reply without making things awkward.

2. Do You See Them Daily?

If you have a crush on someone who you meet daily, it makes sense to shoot your shot in person. Keep in mind that you won’t find a perfect moment, so find a less amiss moment (let’s be realistic). Here is what you can do:


  • Ask out for drinks after work just to unwind.
  • If you are in school or college, try finding them when they are alone and free (nope, not around her best friends or when she is hoarded with assignments)

3. Don’t Be Childish

When you finally muster up the courage, don’t beat around the bush or expect them to read your mind. So, walk up to them, share your feelings politely (after greeting, of course), and see if she shows interest. In case she shows interest, you’ve got yourself a score and don’t play hard-to-get!

4. Don’t Call Her Pretty

While there’s nothing wrong with complimenting someone on their looks, it’s the least important thing about them.


Calling her pretty will make her turn you down because way too many guys already call her cute, gorgeous, and beautiful. For truly winning her, comment on her intelligence, confidence, or sense of humour – complimenting her laugh is also a great idea (winning move!).


In the end, do remember that shooting your shot is a fast process, so don’t fret it!

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