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Online dating for middle-aged men and women

There comes a point in our lives when we start wanting a serious relationship. The thrill of one night stands and casual dating fades away as we hit our 30s. What does online dating for middle-aged men and women entail? Let’s find out.

Dating apps and websites

People in their professional lives don’t have time to look for people in real life. So they sign up on dating apps and websites. However, these dating apps and websites are swarmed with young people who only sign up to see what’s out there and have fun.


Being a middle-aged man or woman, how do you find people who have their lives sorted out and know exactly what they want? Well, I have the perfect online dating website for you. It’s called EliteSingles. Here, you will explore that 85% of people are 30 plus and more than 85% have a university degree.

Expectations around love

What kind of expectations do middle-aged men and women have when it comes to love and relationships? Read on to find out.

1) Companionship


For middle-aged men and women, love goes beyond the realm of infatuation. Love is about companionship. People from this age demographic are not needy and expect the same from their partners. They want someone who takes commitment seriously and listens to them with care and patience.

2) Experience

They have learned a lot about themselves and other people from their past relationships. They know what works for them and what does not. So it is natural for them to want someone who is self-assured.

3) The thrill of the rush and the maturity that comes with age

In general, their idea of an ideal partner is not the same as that of someone in their early 20s. They don’t look for a prince charming to come and rescue them. Instead, they look for someone who can share their life with them or perhaps add something to their lives.

Ironically, they also look for someone who can make them feel young and alive. It’s safe to say that they want to have the best of both worlds: the thrill of the youth and the maturity of a middle-aged person.

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