• Questions you would be afraid to ask your parents. Posted by Admin

    Asking questions is both most hard and most easy thing in the world. Being a teen is not an easy game when it comes to asking questions and gets proper answers. Scientists claim that teenagers are afraid to ask questions because they don’t want to be judged by parents or guardians. Another reason why they prefer to avoid questions is being uncomfortable with themselves and ashamed of ideas they might have inside head. We are here to help you, and we are coming up with most common question that teens are afraid to ask parents.

    What I should know about losing virginity and sex?

    Sex is something magical between two people and for sure you shouldn’t have it with a person who you don’t know at all. Not only random sex might have bad consequences like unexpected pregnancy or STDs but also will have negative influence on your adultery life in the future. Before having sex be sure that you trust that person and you both discuss it. Please remember that sex is good only when you protect yourself in proper way. Always use condom. If somebody wants to have fun without it, do not accept such conditions.

    There’s no proper age to lose virginity however we do recommend not starting your sexual life until you truly feel your both body and mind are ready for it. Have an adult shaped body doesn’t mean you need to have sex already. The way how you will lose virginity will have influence on your future sexual life, that’s why first time is quite important and you shouldn’t rush with this just because your best friend already “did it”. Every person is individual and nobody can push you to have sex. Take your time and do it with proper mate in proper time.

    How to get into relationship?

    Getting into relationship is not a piece of cake. To have good relations with another person, doesn’t matter if it’s for love or friendship, you need to put a lot of trust and effort. You can’t force the person you like to be your boyfriend/ girlfriend, all you can do instead is wait and take your time. Be yourself and don’t pretend somebody who you are not. Don’t lie and don’t be rude. Be honest and interested about life. Expand your horizons and hobbies. Bright and positive people are more likely to get into relationships.

    How to recognize if I love somebody?

    Love is a complicated feeling and it’s hard to define it. Many teens are getting into relationships mostly of funny and entertainment way to spend their free time. They do not think of any kind of serious commitment; however all of them want to be loved by another person. It’s really hard to recognize if those relations between you and your mate is just a deep friendship or love. Be sure that you’re not the only one who is wondering about feelings towards another person. Since its common problem among teens we do recommend to talk with your parent or guardian about it. Open up with your feelings and don’t be ashamed to say what’s on your mind. There’s nothing wrong in being in love.

    What do you really think about my friends/mate?

    Choosing friends is crucial part in growing up. While making friends we define ourselves as people and part of social environment. Having friends is part of natural growing up process and making connections between people. Teens have a tendency to choose wrong friends or people who do not fit them that’s why talking to your parent about people you meet is important. You will avoid making bad choices and get in touch with people who can hurt you. Asking parents what they really think about your mates is not bad idea at all since they are more experienced in making social connections. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t be afraid to talk about this with your mom or dad and introduce your partner in proper time. It’s important and can make your parents feel a better connection between you both.

    Do you stalk me of social media?

    Many Teens are engaged into social media since its popular and trendy way to spend free time. Unfortunately not many of them feel safe since they have obsession of being stalked by parents. Do parents really check what their kids post on SNS? Well we cannot have 100% accurate answer to this but it’s common that parents do check their kids on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please be assured that your parents or guardians don’t do it to have fun but to protect you if something bad will happen. Internet is a place where many abusers are waiting for victims and trying to be friends with them at first.

    Having your parent control you on social media is good way to prevent any kind of problems.

    Was I a “surprise” or you actually planned to have me?

    Unexpected pregnancy is a common problem in modern world and might be causes by many factors. Actually asking your parents if you were a planned kid or non-expected one is really hard to discuss. You might feel ashamed and embarrassed and we do understand you. Asking parents about their sexual life is not easy and might bring many negative feelings to you towards love and relationships. However being open about it might help your parents to start discuss sexual related topics. Be sure that your mom and dad also find it hard to start educate you about sex life.

    Questions can make you confused, ashamed, embarrassed however asking them are going to help you be better and more experienced person and for sure it will have positive influence in your mature life in future.

  • Pornography, is it normal sexual curiosity? Posted by Admin

    Being teenager is a complicated process of body changing and hormones which change not only the way of how your body looks like but change the way of your sexual thinking as well. Many teens start they sexual life in quite early age compared to knowledge they had achieved before start sex. Surveys claims, that Teens are gathering sexual knowledge from pornography, rather that asking adults about important matters. In this article we would like to think more deeply about pornography topic and try to give you an answer for a question: if teens interested in pornography are showing natural and normal sexual curiosity?

    Pornography accessibility

    Adolescent curiosity about sexuality is a normal and healthy aspect of human development. However due to advanced Internet technology and cable television young kids who are not teens yet are attacked with unexpected images of porn or any sexual related content. In the past kids had to “work hard” to find pornography but now it’s easily exposed in social media. Kids can came across x rated materials within few minutes. At the same time TV programs which are supposed to be for Teens, routinely shows young people engaged in sexually related situations but never discuss topics like: safe sex, masturbation or period. For a Teenager who is unsure about his/her sexuality or have any questions about sex, but nobody to answer that questions, pornography is a great ability to lick some knowledge about adultery.

    Effects of pornography on Teenagers

    The exact effects of pornography on young people are a hot topic among psychologists as well as parents. Nevertheless, numerous studies have pointed to the potential for serious harm and fake imagination of what sex really looks like. What’s more when Teen is exposed on any kind of sexual image adrenaline is rising up and a brain locks those x rated material inside. It means that later on it’s really hard to get rid of such images and erase them from memory. Teens who experience this biochemical thrill will, not surprisingly, want to experience it again. That’s the reason why pornography is addicting like a drugs.

    Cybersex addiction functions in a similar way to any other addiction, leading to a cycle of compulsion, acting out, isolation, self-absorption, shame and depression as well as distorted and damaged views of real relationships and intimacy. Adults, who were watching pornography as teens, showing disability for having normal and healthy relationship. However we are aware that not all teens are going to have such problems in the future. It all depends on what kind of x rated materials your kid had been exposed to.

    Since Internet and social media are way too opened for sexual materials, those times problem appears online as well. A related hazard for teens online involves “sexting” – sending sexually explicit photos usually over cell phones or sometimes over the Internet. Sexting is most commonly engaged in by teens between 12 and 19 years old. If we take a quick look on any teen dating website, at least half of users there have upload sexual content’s picture. This increase the pressure to have sex and meet random people offline in case of filling up sexual desires. It is really easy way to be abused as well without further notice.

    The surest way to protect teens is to be aware of what is going on with them and make it safe for them to talk to you. Finding out that your child has viewed Internet pornography is not cause for panic. Most children and teens do not suffer from sex addictions. Do not be ashamed of starting a sex related topics and explain how to things works on in real life.

  • Is it worth to give a second chance to your ex? Posted by Admin

    You had been in relationship for a while and suddenly everything came to an end. You are confused of what happened and have more negative feelings than positive memories. However suddenly your ex-partner is trying to be nice around you and asking for a second chance. This is really hard situation to handle not only for Teens but for adults as well. In this article we will try to help you to get answer for a question: Is it worth to give a second chance to your ex?

    When it’s worth?

    The length of the relationship is a huge factor when it comes to thinking about second chance. If you were together for a years or months and split up suddenly, you might find a way to work on healing relationship.

    Feelings are still there and you cannot avoid them no matter how much you tried. All the memories you both shared together will hunt you after ending up relationship. It’s totally important to be completely honest with yourself and think if you can fight back all the memories you have.

    You tried dating somebody else but all those short romances finished as soon as they started. You still compare your ex to any other mate you’re dating. It means that there’s no clear end between you and your ex-partner and you still share a feelings to that person.

    He/She is trying really hard to get back to you and for sure you appreciate this effort. You have all the rights to feel bad and hurt after what your ex did to you however you might consider the fact that this person is trying to do her/ his best for you at the moment.

    It’s more than love and you still feel attached to this person. If you share similar future goals with your ex mate, then it’s a worth to give it a try because it’s nearly sure it’s going to work again.

    You still trust your ex despite of any bad thing she/he did to you. There’s still some bond between the two of you.

    When it’s not worth?

    If he/she cheated that there’s no guarantee that this person won’t do it again after some time. Cheating is a sign of selfishness, disrespect, and unhappiness in a relationship. There’s a saying “Once you cheat, you will cheat again”. Unless your ex mate is really sorry of his/her mistake and realize it in proper, there’s no way you two can be a happy couple again.

    If he/she was emotionally abusive towards you and manipulated you in every way, for sure there’s no chance to be happy again and we do recommend running away from such person. Being abused is illegal and if somebody did that on you, ask your parent or guardian for help.

    If he/she ever physically hurt you and not even fell sorry then it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with that person he/she will never change. If you had been experienced any kinds of violence, contact your parent or guardian for legal help. There are also special hotlines that can help and support you

    If you have to beg for second chance and after a long time you get one, there’s nothing good coming up from that situation. You shouldn't have to beg him or her for something like that. It's a sign that it's not what your ex mate really wants, and so it's most likely not going to work out.

    If he/she lied to you multiple times without thinking of any consequences then for sure you cannot trust such person. If your ex lied to you about big stuff a lot, it's not worth trying again

    If you're desperate and you want to get back to your ex just because you don’t want to feel alone, for sure it’s not going to work out. There is a “fashion” between teens to date all the time, however dating the same person who did badly to you, only to follow a “trend” and “fashion” is not a best decision you could make. That will never make you happy.

    Personally we are a big believers in giving people a second chance however in some extremely bad cases it’s clear to say that going into the same situations over and over again is not the best idea ever.

  • How to deal with broken heart and is it possible to fall in love at first sight? Posted by Admin

    Love is magical thing but in some of cases won’t last forever. Sources say that at least once in a lifetime we experience break up. It’s a very common since in modern times we live fast enough not to think about the quality of life and emotions. We build our life with somebody we trust and care for and then suddenly it’s all gone. Being heartbroken is the hardest time after all. However it’s possible to get over it and start a new chapter in life. Some people says that the best cure for broken heart is finding a new love, that’s why in this article not only we will give teens a few tips how to deal with love’s end, but also we will take a closer look on love at first sight.

    How to recover from a broken heart?

    Make time for yourself. Give yourself some time to heal your mind and try to forgive the pain. Of course it won’t be easy at first but as people say “Time is best medicine” just wait and try to do many other awesome activities which you couldn’t do while dating. Don’t be afraid to feel sad and show your feelings to others. Honest talk with a parents or your best friend will make a progress in your healing process. If possible remove all memories of this person and put them away from your everyday life. Get rid of any items you received from your boyfriend/girlfriend while dating. Disconnect the person from all social networks you use and delete common pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Try not to be in same places as your ex might appear there. It will only mess with your heart and mind more than you think. Instead of this try to discover another awesome places to hangout and create new and better memories. The most important is to stay optimistic that better times will come up soon and smile a lot.

    Understanding and Forgiving. To deal with broken heart you need to spend some time on thinking about your past relationship. It will help you to make healing process faster and make your mind calm. Try to figure out what went wrong in your relationship and what was the reason that you both split up however do not be obsessed with blaming your ex-partner as it’s his or her fault that your love ended like this. There’s always a fault between two people and you need to think well what your fault, not yours ex mate was. Learning from mistakes is another crucial point. Everyone makes them and it's how you learn from them that defines you as a person. If you learn well, you will never make same mistakes again. If you feel like you’re ready for it, try to forgive your ex mate. This is the hardest part in dealing with broken heart and needs a lot of courage and self-confidence in most of the cases.

    Change your life around. Once you forget your ex mate fault it’s time to turn your life into something better. Lean on your friends. There are here for you and for sure they would be delighted to help you. Speak your mind and don’t be afraid to receive helpful hand. Focus on new activities and find new hobby. Try something new, something you would never tried before. Being a volunteer is a nice idea to keep yourself busy all the time. If you feel like you need some fresh air, go for a trip. Ask your parents for permission or ask them to keep your company. Once you feel ready, start dating other people again however please bear in mind that even your first time might be successful there’s a possibility that something will go wrong again.

    Now when you know how to deal with broken heart, let’s move on into love at first sight. Is it possible and does it exists in modern world? Some of people say “yes”, some of them would say “no” however scientists are trying to prove that it’s possible to fall in love with somebody with a glance of eye. If you are hopeless romantic type of teenagers who are more possible to fall in love at first sign. Also people who don’t have a specific “type” of person and have open mind are more likely to get hit by love by accident.

    Personally we think that love at first sight exist but in most of cases people has no idea what’s going on and can’t recognize that this “weird feeling” inside of them is actually a love.

  • All you need to know about condoms Posted by Admin

    Condoms are the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of sex. Not only prevent you from unexpected pregnancy but secure your body from any sexual diseases (called as STDs) such as: chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV, syphilis and many more. Regarding to great condoms advantages there’s a main question: "How much do teens know about condoms?”. Studies shows that only 3 per 10 teenagers knows what exactly condom is and what kind of protection it brings to sexual life. In this article we present most important and interesting facts about condoms.

    1. Condoms have different sizes. Getting the right size condom is crucial so the condom doesn’t slide off or tear during sex. Make sure to talk to your partner before buying condoms or look at a condom sizing chart.

    2. Keep the proper storage. Give a thought on how to store condoms. Giving a place for condom in your wallet is not a greatest idea ever. Condoms do not like hot temperatures and after few months in your pocket latex will be damaged. Keep them in room temperature in a drawer or any kind of storage away from humid and extreme temperatures.

    3. Keep the proper usage. Do not try to rip condom’s package with your teeth since you might damage latex without a notice. Put a condom only on erect penis. If you fail, don’t be worried to start over again with NEW condom. Never re-use condoms. Condoms only work well if you use them in a correct way.

    4. Various condoms. There are many condoms on the market. They come with different sizes, shapes, colours, scents. Before buying a package or two, be sure what kind of condom will be best for you and your partner. Do not be afraid and talk it over.

    5. Condoms aren’t only for vaginal sex. If you’re using condoms for STD protection, don’t limit them to vaginal sex – STDs can be transmitted by oral sex, anal sex, and even sex toys.

    6. Condoms do not ruin sex. It’s a popular myth between teenagers that condoms have big influence on sex’s quality. That’s not true. What’s more likely to ruin sex is a lack of communication – which probably goes hand in hand with a lack of experimentation.

    7. They are perfect. Condoms basically haven't been redesigned since they were invented which means they do the right job now and ever.

    8. Education about condoms. Only a third of high school students are taught how to use a condom properly. Teens who are shown proper condom use and get proper sexual education are more likely to use condoms in the future. If you don’t know how to use condom do not be afraid to talk about it with your parent, guardian or educator.

    9. Celebrities involved. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation actually offers up $100,000 grants to people trying to make better condoms and educate teens, Young Adults and Adults in this matter.

    10.Women condom. Condoms are not designed for males only. There’s a female condoms as well and they can be put inside vagina up to 8 hours before sex.

    11. Lubricant helps. External lubricants are meant to ease sex. However, bear in mind that you can only use water-based lubricants with condoms – if you’re using oil or petroleum-based products they can react with the condom, render the latex and damage it.

    12.Condom’s damage. What shall you do if condom breaks? If it’s before intercourse, obviously you start afresh with a new one. Never re-use condoms. If it’s in the middle of things, you must wash yourself immediately and thoroughly. A viable option is to take an emergency contraceptive pill however this is not the best solution since repeated consumption can really mess around with your hormonal cycle. You can also take a home pregnancy test (approximately 21 days after the event). Don’t forget to get yourself tested for STDs . If you notice that this has happened more than once with the same brand or variant of condom, best to switch to a different one And you must ALWAYS check the expiry date of a condom before using it. If you use an expired one, all bets are off.