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Online dating for middle-aged men and women

There comes a point in our lives when we start wanting a serious relationship. The thrill of one night stands and casual dating fades away as we hit our 30s. What does online dating for middle-aged men and women entail? Let’s find out.

Dating apps and websites

People in their professional lives don’t have time to look for people in real life. So they sign up on dating apps and websites. However, these dating apps and websites are swarmed with young people who only sign up to see what’s out there and have fun.


Being a middle-aged man or woman, how do you find people who have their lives sorted out and know exactly what they want? Well, I have the perfect online dating website for you. It’s called EliteSingles. Here, you will explore that 85% of people are 30 plus and more than 85% have a university degree.

Expectations around love

What kind of expectations do middle-aged men and women have when it comes to love and relationships? Read on to find out.

1) Companionship


For middle-aged men and women, love goes beyond the realm of infatuation. Love is about companionship. People from this age demographic are not needy and expect the same from their partners. They want someone who takes commitment seriously and listens to them with care and patience.

2) Experience

They have learned a lot about themselves and other people from their past relationships. They know what works for them and what does not. So it is natural for them to want someone who is self-assured.

3) The thrill of the rush and the maturity that comes with age

In general, their idea of an ideal partner is not the same as that of someone in their early 20s. They don’t look for a prince charming to come and rescue them. Instead, they look for someone who can share their life with them or perhaps add something to their lives.

Ironically, they also look for someone who can make them feel young and alive. It’s safe to say that they want to have the best of both worlds: the thrill of the youth and the maturity of a middle-aged person.

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Inspiring conversation ideas for online dating

After finding the one you love on a dating app or website, how do you keep the conversation alive?

Start with things that matter the most to you. Talking about those first will deter disappoints down the line. Once you get the bigger pieces out of the way, you make room for light-hearted storytelling, questions that make your partner laugh and think about things on a deep level. Let’s look at some inspiring conversation ideas for online dating.


“What are your favourite foods?”

Now this one may sound like a generic one, but it’s more than just a deciding factor of what you’re going to eat at a restaurant. In the current age, even our food choices reflect our political stances. Are you a vegetarian and condone the slaughtering of animals for food? Or are you a meat eater who doesn’t care?


“What do you think about XYZ?”

People love to share their opinions with others as they are packed with their viewpoints and advice. It can be something as casual as the ending of a suspense thriller or something as serious and sensitive as the concept of god.

“Tell me more about [insert something they like or love].”

You don’t want the conversation to stop at whatever food, movie or any activity they love. The keyword here is “more,” keep the conversation going. Let your partner explain all aspects of their interests and experiences.

“Hey, this XYZ thing reminded me of you.”

If something reminds you of your lover, tell them. It could be a song, a movie, a picture, a meme, a flower, the sky, the moon — anything. It shows that you’re still interested in the person and you think about them. Picking out something from the ordinary and sharing it with the one you love is a beautiful experience.


You can also pick something you know they love and say, “yeah, I thought this [insert the thing] might interest you.”

“Which TV shows do you binge-watch?”

It’s just another way of knowing what interests your new partner. Are they the kind of person who watches documentaries about space and underwater creatures? Or do they love drama and comedy?

“This one time, I went…”

It’s storytime! Tell them about your lived experiences, how you feel about them and what you learned along the way. Only go for the stories that might interest your partner. You don’t want to appear (or even be) obnoxious.

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Four reasons why fitness is important in dating

Many dating appsandwebsites connect people based on shared interests. If you’re passionate about fitness, it would be natural for you to be drawn to someone who loves it as much as you do.

Fitness isn’t about everything physical. It projects your core values such as discipline, motivation, and dedication. Who doesn’t find that sexy?

Let’s look at some reasons why fitness is important in dating.


1. Building a long-term relationship

Building a long-term relationship with someone who doesn’t understand your priorities can be very demanding. Over time, the bond breaks as resentment replaces love.

Love alone is not enough to sustain a relationship. You and your partner should have the same priorities as well. For a fitness enthusiast, there is nothing sweeter than finding a workout buddy in their partner. It’s about the art of growing old together — or in this case, the art of eating healthy and staying fit together.

2. Fitness dream team

When you and your partner both love hitting the gym, you get to have the ultimate fitness dream team. When you feel tired and demotivated, your partner lifts your spirits up. Conversely, after you perform a strenuous exercise, you have someone to cheer you on! Such shared experiences create a deep sense of bonding.


3. Stress-free life

Let’s explore the physical and mental aspect of fitness and how it plays out in a relationship. When you work out and eat healthy, your body releases endorphins, and as a consequence, your stress levels decrease. A stress-free life holds your relationship together and maintains eharmony between you and your partner.

4. Spending quality time with your loved one

People typically spend quality with their loved ones by watching movies, listening to music, or going to the park together. However, in a fast-paced world, taking out the time to do these things becomes a challenge. Incorporating workout hours in your day will not only keep you fit but also allow you to spend some spend quality time with your partner.

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How dating apps help you find love

You might have heard the phrase, “there is plenty of fish in the sea.” and scoffed at the thought, thinking what even is the point when, despite seeing many “fishes” around you, you can’t find someone you can call the love of your life. Here, we discuss how dating apps help you find love.

Everyone is only a click away

Convenience is the hallmark of dating apps. You see a profile you like, you approach the person and start talking from the comfort of your own home! Everyone is only a click away. Distance isn’t a problem. You don’t have to pay the taxi cab to take you anywhere or take a day off from work for the meetup.


Options, options, options!

Our options outside cyberspace are limited. We are acquainted with colleagues, family friends, and some friends at the club. Some are already settled into their lives, and others are simply not looking for love.

It is time-consuming to walk up to these people and strike up a conversation with them, only to find out that they’re not looking for anything at the moment. The odds of finding love are pretty slim here. How do you find people who are open to dating?


Dating apps like eharmony serve as a platform where people gather from all over the world, looking for the same thing as you: love.

Filtering people

Dating apps not only give you endless options but also help you filter out people. You can narrow your search, increasing the odds of finding love, based on metrics such as age, gender, location, and personal interests.

For example, if you’re a Christian person looking for someone who shares the same religious beliefs and values as you, you can sign up on ChristianMingle and find your perfect match. Or if you’re someone who is a gym enthusiast, you can find yourself a workout buddy! In the same way, you can find someone who shares the same profession as you; teacher, doctor, lawyer, artist — anyone you want.

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How to build an attractive profile on dating sites

In search of love, we find ourselves signing up on dating apps and websites. And when it comes to adding information about ourselves on our dating profile, we start drowning in an existential crisis thinking, “who am I?”

Wanting to stand out can feel challenging when you feel like there are so many people out there who are “better” looking with “more” interesting hobbies than yours. Such self-doubt is common. But you’re more interesting than you know, and we’re here to help you find that with easy tips on how to build an attractive profile on dating sites.

Add photos that you think represent you

One cannot judge a book by its cover. But people do get an idea of the book from its cover. This is why authors hire artists to design attractive book covers for them.

You don’t need to hire anyone for the selection of your pictures if you keep these four simple tips in mind:

1. Pick pictures in which you’re engaging in a hobby of yours. It could be writing, knitting, photography, gardening, drawing, dancing, exercising, camping, playing a musical instrument — anything.


2. Add 5-7 different pictures of you because you’re more than just a single hobby. You could add a picture with your pet, sitting in a public place, or even a silly selfie. It’s all up to you and what fits your personality the best.

3. Don’t add pictures that have other people as well. The focus should be on you.

4. Avoid adding badly cropped pictures where others can see the arm or shoulder of another person.

Turn cliches into interesting facts about yourself

Most people add cliches that are boring and ordinary. So avoid using cliches like:

● I love travelling

● I love music

● I love reading books

● I don’t know what to write here

● Message me and find out

● My life, my rules

Instead, extend those cliches to your interests. Don’t just tell them that you like travelling. Tell them where, and describe those places. If you love music, specify the music genre or name your favourite bands/artists. And if you’re into reading, mention your favourite books and tell them why you love them. You get the idea.


If you live your life by your own rules, then enlist those rules. It will give others an insight into you.

Write something others can use as an ice-breaker

Starting a conversation can be daunting for people. They want to sound interested but not desperate. They don’t want to be generic with “Hi, how are you?” either. So help them out. Add something others can use to break the ice: a small list of what you want to know about someone. It will give people some questions they can answer in your inbox.

Be honest — don’t try too hard

Stay true to who you are, and don’t lead on other people. It will save you many disappointments down the line. When you’re honest from the get-go, you get to meet people who accept you for your actual personality. It’s what we call a perfect match.

Explain why you’re here and what you want out of a relationship. Maybe tell people about the kind of life you live and how you want to share that with someone.

Don’t be cruel in the name of being honest

Being honest does not mean that you write statements like, “DON’T message me if you’re looking for hookups or threesomes,” or “I hate attending concerts.”

Such disclaimers are a turn-off. You can communicate such disclaimers by stating what you want or like instead of what you don’t. For example, you could say that you’re looking for a serious relationship or that you like the calm of quiet places.

You could also add that you’re open to other things as well. Again, it’s all up to you.

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Fitness Exercises For Two

For a gym freak, having a workout buddy in their partner is a dream come true. You could have a relationship online or offline. We cover it all here! Let’s look at some fitness exercises for two, which you can perform in-person and on zoom calls with your partner.

In-person Exercises For Two

One great thing about these exercises is that you don’t need to go to the gym for them, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. You stay safe from catching the virus and keep yourself healthy as well.

Squat jump

1. Stand up with your partner and grab two resistance bands.

2. Each partner should grip both bands with one hand.

3. Extend your arms out straight and quad down together.

4. Jump up together and softly land on your toes.

5. Repeat the exercise by doing another squat.


Plank with a clap

1. Get into a high plank position with your partner, facing each other.

2. Both partners lift their right hands and give each other a clap.

3. Both return their hand to the ground.

4. Both partners lift their left hands and clap them together.

5. Again, both partners return their hand to the ground.

6. Repeat the exercise with your right hand again.

Online Exercises For Two

Being in a long-distance relationship limits your physical interaction with your partner. However, it doesn’t have to limit the quality time you can spend with each other. Here are some yoga poses and exercises you can do with your lover on zoom calls.


Basic morning stretch — raised arm pose

1. Stand up straight on the yoga mat.

2. Inhale deeply and bring your arms up and keep them over your head.

3. Slowly, let out the air from your lungs and relax with your partner, who is online with you.

4. Keep your heels grounded and your eyes up to your hands.

5. Bring your arm down and repeat.

Seated Forward Bend

1. Sit on your yoga mat with your legs out, and let your online partner know what you’re going to do next.

2. Inhale as you lengthen your spine.

3. Extend your arms to your feet as you exhale.

4. Keep yourself still for five breaths.

5. Repeat the seated forward bend yoga exercise.

Don’t have a workout buddy or a partner? Look for one on eharmony!

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Cool ideas for your first date

When you come across someone you think is your soulmate, don’t you just want to have the most magical time with them on the first date?

You found them on a dating website, and you felt an instant connection. Now want to make sure that the first date is memorable and the best you’ve ever had. Here are some cool ideas for your first date.

Watch a movie together

You don’t have to attend a loud concert or go out to have the time of your life. Sometimes you get to experience infinity in the simple pleasures of life. I’m talking about watching a movie together in the comfort of your own home. You can also park your car in a drive-in cinema and watch your favourite movie on the big screen!



Take a walk

People tend to share their thoughts and ideas about life when they’re taking a walk with someone. You get to understand your lover on a deeper level.

Watch the sunset or sunrise

Watching the sunset or the sunrise may sound like a cliche, but it is a cliche for a reason — these are the most defining times of the day. At sunrise, you experience the range of possibilities out there. And during sunset, you acknowledge everything you’ve accomplished. Not to mention the pretty hues in the sky!

Take a hike

Just like taking a walking together, hiking also helps you explore your person’s personality. If you’re into nature, you can talk about the plants you see along the way. Pack some lunch too, and have a small picnic at your hiking destination —  the cherry on top.


Go bowling

Who doesn’t love a friendly competition? Go bowling together and see who can strike the most! Play to your heart’s content and celebrate each other’s wins.

Sing Karaoke

You can express your love to your partner by singing them love songs at a karaoke bar. It’s a great way to strengthen your bond. It makes you feel alive.

You can pick any of these ideas. However, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing. What matters is who you’re with, so cherish your partner to the fullest.

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Be careful to avoid stupid behavior after fitness


Drink plenty of water/cold drinks

Sweat profusely during fitness and often lose moisture quickly making the population dry.

If you drink a lot of water immediately after fitness. your body will sweat more. The more you sweat. the more salt will be lost which will cause cramps. cramps and other symptoms and it will also cause a serious burden on your heart after fitness.

At this time.the digestive function of the human body has not returned to normal. If you are eager to drink cold drinks for a will irritate the stomach. cause diarrhea.abdominal pain and cause gastrointestinal diseases in the long term.

Suggestion: Replenish water or salt water in small mouths several times.


Squat rest

It consumes a lot of physical strength during fitness.especially after exercising the legs.the leg muscles are sore and tired.

If you squat and rest immediately after exercising. it is easy to hinder the blood return of the lower limbs and affect blood circulation. Especially after high-intensity training, the blood is mostly concentrated in the muscles of the limbs. If you stop and rest immediately a large amount of venous blood will remain in the veins. At this time. the heart will become ischemia.causing dizziness.nausea.shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Suggestion: After fitness. adjust the breathing rhythm. do some stretching and relaxation exercises which can distribute the blood of the body well but also accelerate the recovery of physical fitness, eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle soreness.




Greedy cool air conditioner

During fitness. the capillaries on the surface of the body swell and blood circulation speeds up. the body temperature rises. the pores expand, and the perspiration increases.

If you are greedy for air conditioning after fitness and your body temperature drops sharply. it is easy to cause capillary contraction. tight pores.body temperature regulation and other physiological dysfunctions.weakened immunity and lead to colds.diarrhea and other diseases.

Suggestion: Wait for the body temperature to slowly return to normal body temperature after that the body and the outside world form a good circulatory system which is more conducive to the recovery of the body.



When exercising it consumes a lot of energy in the body. If there is no supplement before exercising you may feel hungry and fatigue. After fitness .the human digestive system is still in a state of inhibition and the body’s blood is redistributed, mainly in the limbs and muscles and the supply of internal organs is relatively small.

If you eat immediately it will cause indigestion. increase the burden on the stomach and cause dysfunction. If you eat will consume a lot of vitamin B1 in your body.feel tired.lose your appetite and affect your body’s recovery.

Suggestion: Eat 30 minutes after fitness. If you need to add sweets after can eat more foods rich in vitamin B1. such as beans. nuts. etc.




The breathing speeds up during fitness and more oxygen is inhaled and delivered to various muscle tissues.

Smoking after fitness not only reduces the oxygen content of the inhaled is not conducive to the recovery of the body but also affects the gas exchange in the body’s alveoli, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and other symptoms.

Recommendation: It is best to quit smoking regardless of fitness or not.


Take a cold shower

Take a bath

Body temperature rises during fitness, pores expand, and perspiration increases. Most of the body’s blood is supplied to the muscle tissues of the limbs.

If you take a bath after fitness. the blood cannot be supplied to the straws of other tissues in time which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain heart and symptoms such as dizziness. nausea.and fatigue. In severe cases other diseases can also be induced. Of course. you shouldn’t take a cold shower. Taking a cold shower will cause your body temperature to drop sharply, and your pores will be tightly closed. so that the heat can’t be released well. resulting in a decrease in immunity and you can easily catch a cold and fever.

Suggestion: After fitness. wait until the body temperature returns to normal and it is best to control the bath water temperature at 35~37 degrees.



During fitness. blood circulation is accelerated and body functions are at a higher level.

If you drink alcohol after fitness your body will absorb alcohol more quickly into the blood which will intensify the damage to the liver gastrointestinal and other organs. It will also increase the uric acid in the blood and cause joint inflammation. In the long will cause fatty liver. gastric ulcer and other diseases.

Recommendation: It is best not to drink alcohol for fitness. Alcohol is also high in calories, which is not conducive to fitness.

For the rest of your life, seeking for someone with similar interests and you will have a very happy life

Life is short and long. we need to live it with our heart.Every day it’s eating.sleeping. working.and resting. Many times I repeat the monotonous life. If there is an interesting person by my side for the rest of my life. it will make this life much happier.

In the world of two people there will be many good things and many sad things. If two people have stepped into the ocean of love only because of their temporary appreciation and have not deeply understood each other’s tastes then it is very likely that there will be greater disturbances in the future getting along.

If two people are very optimistic about each other’s interest from the beginning. it will invisibly add points to the two people’s feelings and the naturally cultivated emotional foundation will be stronger.

Because you have a hobby that both parties like you will not feel so boring in the process of getting along, and you will often feel the fun that the other party brings to yourself. In a fun-filled environment every day.the relationship between the two parties will of course be very harmonious and life will naturally be very happy.

If two people have hobbies that each other likes they can use this as a bridge to enhance communication and make each other’s feelings more intimate. There will be fewer and fewer gaps and contradictions in your life and your happy days will become more and more.

In the exchange of your interests your feelings will unknowingly get closer. gradually bringing your relationship closer together and your interest will slowly lead you to love to the good life that belongs to you and add excitement to your love.

Love is a process from wonderful to plain. No matter how sweet and romantic you were before, you will return to plainness in the end. No matter how beautiful eachother was before, and how yearning for the future of life. in the end. he could not escape the ordinary life of firewood. rice. oil and salt.

But if you have the same interests your life will be a bit more fun than others and a touch of beauty will emerge in the ordinary. In fact. no matter how strong love cannot be separated from life.

The like-minded people we are talking about will of course also include life. You must know that a person who is used to going to bed early and getting up early cannot accept that the other half likes to stay up until dawn. It can be seen that these interests in life are also very important.

Hobbies can be used as a fresh-keeping agent in love, while interest in life habits can be used as a stabilizer in life. Only by being familiar with each other’s living habits and knowing how to take care of each other’s lives can we maintain the stability and peace of the two people’s long-term life.

In life. partners who can live a stable life are often familiar with each other’s food. clothing. housing and transportation. such as favorite tastes. colors and dislike topics. etc. These details are continuously collected and gradually become Habit. this is the real fusion with the other party’s interests.

People who really know how to love each other know how to love life. To fall in love is to start from loving life. Only when you give yourself positive energy can you have the ability to fall in love with others and then you can pursue an interesting life between two people.

People with interest tend to have deep knowledge in dealing with life. When you get along with this kind of person. you will always feel the joy of life. There is no lack of happiness around this kind of person.because they can understand the ordinary in life. The little things are exquisitely dressed, and every little detail in life is unearthed and processed, and finally becomes the interesting appearance he wants.

With such a person, you will feel the surprise of life at any time. Gradually, you will be influenced  and become an interesting person, so that two people can work together to discover more beautiful things in life.

The rest of your life is very long. Instead of living a lifeless life, it is better to find someone who understands the fun of life to accompany you through it.

In fact, most people still think that the time is very short.So there is no time to waste, we must act quickly, Cause you can think over the time. one year? Five years? ten years? How many decades are there in life?

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Chat with boys minefield, which have you stepped on? Early change, early off!


‘Why is he ignoring me again’ , ‘We talked again.what to do!’ ‘whoo-woo, he said he was going to take a bath.but it’s been three hours. Why don’t you come back’I often get similar questions from some girls. saying that I don’t know how to talk to boys. I don’t know how to talk.

In fact. chat with the boys. is a particularly wonderful, but there are many hidden minefields.sometimes a little careless will directly chat burst.So how can we avoid and boys a chat. so that your chat atmosphere no longer instantly dropped to freezing point.

The key is to avoid the minefield cleverly and not talk hard. You know.some words can be said, others can not be said that, and some can not say that.

Because maybe it is because of your words. will let you originally form a good relationship got bad.

So what are some chat minefields we should avoid?


Check post type chat

Some girls. before they have a formal relationship with a boy, start to pretend to be girlfriends.Often with the tone of check gang chat with the that the boy has not been with her immediately began to fear up, and then to her at a distance.

A lot of peopel will be curious.what kind of chat is the chat? Let me give you an example and you will quickly understand:

The boy went out to play with his friends at night and didn’t talk to the girl as usual. Then the following conversation appeared.

Girl: What are you doing?

Guy: Hanging out with my friends

Girl: Oh.where did you play?

Boy: A friend’s birthday.we eat dinner together and sing  songs.

Girl: Oh. with whom? Who are they? Any girls?


You kno., originally.continuous questioning will make people feel oppressive and don’t want to talk to you. And the issue of usurpation of identity  but also can make boys fear for your future relationship.

Do you think you two are not officially together. you check gang check so strict then if really together then there is freedom to speak of?






Break the casserole to ask in the end, everything to ask why, for learning is a spirit worth learning.But if it is in the middle of a chat with the opposite sex. it can seem particularly offensive.

For example. a boy did not return the girl’s information in time. the girl asked the boy:


Why are you ignoring me?

What are you doing? Why did you text me so late?

For this kind of up on the boys all kinds of heckling girls, I really want to say you are not the boss of the other people.

People have their own things. who will not serve you 24 hours to chat with you and you this pair of people owe you 80 million tone.people will be willing to deal with you on the ghost.

Don’t say you’re not in a relationship. Even if you are.the other person will feel uncomfortable because of your heckling.



Some girls. in order to show that they are ‘knowledgeable’ talk at length with boys. A large section of self-hi. also secretly proud.

Please. girl. stop wallowing in your own world.

Look carefully at the response. if the other person is not very interested and engaged in your topic but occasionally polite and brief ‘deal’ with you. Then you have to stop in time ah!

Although if you want boys to like must show your charm to attract boys but the right medicine is effective ah! Just like a cat likes to eat fish but you give it a bone then it will not be interested.


Boring opening

A lot of girls as long as a boy to mouth is ‘what?’ The regular greeting every day except ‘good morning’ is ‘good night’.

 Ah. you so boring chat mode. day after day with boys chat. even if the boys do not bother you. you do not feel tired of it?

Chat to know how to find a need to know an interesting opening line. How can you successfully attract a guy to talk to you with this boring opening?On the contrary. it will only make boys think you are a boring person and put you in the safety period!

(If you don’t already know how to funny the opening.can’t find a better opening than’what are you doing? ‘Better used opening line. which can be found in Official Account message template Background send the keyword ‘opening’can learn more useful opening form oh! )



They keep keep voicing.

As we’ve said before sending voice messages and live photos from time to time can bring you closer.make you feel intimate and full of surprises.But you know. send voice but also to see the occasion ah!

Sometimes you keep sending voice messages the other side is back to your text and usually for a long time. Then obviously. this time the other party is in the occasion may not be convenient to listen to voice.

But you don’t think about the other person’s situation, only focus on your own feelings. this will make people think you are a person who doesn’t know how to read or a more self-care about their own feelings.

Sometimes this kind of behavior will only make people do not want to chat with you.don’t want to return your messages.


Don’t know how to close

Some little fairies. not will not open.nor will not find a topic, is in the end of the topic of this not know how to stop.

Originally in front of the boy chat atmosphere is good but then this topic chat about almost she temporarily can not think of a better topic than before on the non-stop wheel to say back and forth, topsy-turvy repetition.

So boys will obviously appear tired mood. originally good chat will once into the cold.Originally in front of a good chat to the end is just to be integrate into the counter effect.

Know how to close the good.timely end the topic.the chat about the end of the topic is to stop, see good on the correct approach.

Most of us have the misconception that ending the conversation is impolite to each other. In fact sometimes has been a chat to the end of the accumulation of negative emotions. it is better to chat in the best state of the point to stop, let the other side of it.

Because after the climax of the’s hard to find another topic that goes beyond it very quickly. So it is better to keep the mood of both sides at the highest point, give each other a little bit of meaning to read.this will make him look forward to your next chat.

In the communication between men and women. chat is a big knowledge.sometimes boys don’t like you. not because you are not good enough. but because you can’t chat.

When you skillfully avoid the chat minefield. gradually let the other party feel pleasure in chatting with you. the other person will be more willing to enjoy your chat.

In this way to let each other gradually fall in love with you chat, chat with you as a habit and daily, and then you develop into an essential part of life, habit existence.

Have we learned a lot of skills? Start a chat now!


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