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How to Love An Introvert?

Is your partner less responsive? Is your partner extra sensitive towards everything? Does your partner demand more alone time? It’s evident that they are introverts, and loving them can be frustrating (yup, we get you!). So, if you have become a member of this private club, go through our post and ace your dating life!

1. Show Respect

Introverts will always crave their alone time, and they will be too embarrassed and guilty to ask for it. Also, even you would find it rude but don’t take it as an offence. In fact, their alone time will recharge them, which is actually great for your relationship. So, respect their alone time and watch them love you with enthusiasm.

2. Include Them In Decisions

You might be an outdoorsy person, love to hang out with a bunch of friends, and plan a road trip, but your introverted babe might not be up for these things. So, before you make a plan, always check with them because a spontaneous plan can overwhelm them.

3. Understand Their Personality

It might be a bit confusing to date an introvert, but accepting that it’s actually a nervous system setting will help you embrace them. While you are at it, don’t make them feel anti-social because they love people too; they just do it differently.

4. One-On-One Time Is Important

Yes, we love family and friends, but having one-on-one time with an introverted partner will help them open up to you and create a connection. Moreover, you will be able to understand them better, promising a flourishing and positive relationship.

5. Show Kindness

Introverts are known to have a sensitive nervous system, and they are often very critical of themselves. It’s needless to say that introverts are already pushing themselves, which is why you need to show kindness. Even if they are unable to communicate sometimes, give them space, and they will bump back soon.

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How To Date When You’re Over 50

Can you recall your first date? You probably wore a tuxedo and tie, and the conversation was awkward, right? Fast forward to multiple decades later, you are mature, have lived a great life, and the late-night curfew isn’t there. But hey, if you are nervous to start dating after years, it’s only natural, but we have some fantastic tips to help navigate through dating after 50!

1. Let Go Of The Baggage

When dating after 50, some of the innocent questions include, “did you enjoy online dating?” or “what happened with your previous marriage?” We understand that it’s for breaking the ice, but you will end up comparing their traits to your toxic ex, and you won’t gain anything positive from these conversations. So, keep the conversation fun, engaging, and definitely not about the ex!

2. Try Online Dating

Online dating apps are common, and it seems like even grandmas are getting a hang of itl. Well, that brings us to “why not you?”

Online dating apps are convenient and you can find a person who matches your preferences (yes, you can set your preferences, how cool!). It will help you meet the cream of people (don’t you want a partner that you can flaunt?).

3. Keep Sex Off The Table

You are obviously not a teenager with raging hormones, but you still have desires, of course. So, if you are going on the first date, keep sex off the table and get to know them first. Also, if you do have sex after some time, keep it safe and show respect but don’t shy away from grown-up flirt!

4. What Do You Like About Your Date?

When you are over 50, switch on your discovery mode rather than becoming a reality show judge (yup, we know it’s funny but keep judgments aside). So, whenever you go on a date, start with a positive notion and find three things you like about your date – it could be their smile, dressing, elegance, or etiquettes!

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How To Date As An Introvert

Dating is challenging for everyone, but it gets more draining when you are an introvert who already has limited social energy to spend. For introverts, dating is the complete opposite of what you love doing – sitting in the corner of your room and probably listening to K-POP. But hey, you aren’t going to find the love of your life like this. So, skim through the post and pick your dating app (don’t worry, all of them are introvert-friendly!).

1. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

As an introvert, you already have social anxiety, and your date shouldn’t look like an evaluation night. Suppose you try to be perfect – in that case, it will only backfire, and the right option is embracing the awkward silence and minor blunders (it’s natural).

2. Show Your Strengths

Introverts often feel like a fish out of water when sitting in a restaurant with their potential spouse for a date (maybe we stretched too far?). As an introvert, you must have a lot to offer, such as incredible knowledge of exciting topics. So make that information the point of your conversation because showing and playing the strengths will make you shine bright!

3. Purposeful Conversation

Introverts are big fans of small talk, and your date might even like it, especially if the conversation is meaningful. Small talk might sound superficial to some people, but it doesn’t have to be weighty. That being said, just initiate a conversation that helps you connect with the other person and hit it off!

4. Be Comfortable

Not all dates have to be about tuxedos and black dresses, which is why you should wear something comfortable (don’t put pressure on yourself). Also, you could wear something that you like actually like and get positive vibes from.

5. Start With Online Dating

Rather than going straight to the five-star restaurant for dinner, it’s better to start with online dating (it helps develop better communication). Ranging from Bumble to Tinder, there are just so many options that you start with! Some of them are:

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All You Need To Know About Christian Mingle – The Complete Guide

Do you go to church every Sunday? Are you bound to have family dinners? If you are nodding, you are probably from the strict Christian family where flings are frowned upon. For this reason, strong followers of Christianity often look for long-term relationships (or the relationships that lead you to sing the wedding vows). Still, online dating apps hardly help find such relationships.

That being said, Christian Mingle is the new dating app that helps Christians find their marriage match. So, shall we check out more about this dating site?

Christian Mingle – The Overview

The dating site was designed for single Christian women and men seeking partners for romance and marriage. The users are required to show their current relationship status to avoid any complications down the road.

Well, the site might sound like a strict matchmaker, but it provides complete control over the match (no one will be pushed on you). The users can search for active subscribers, and an always-active community is great to chat with.

How To Sign Up

When you first sign up, you can use your email address or connect through your Facebook account. Christian Mingle has the easiest profile settings, and one can update the interests through a unique feature, Question Of The Week.

Setting Your Preferences

As far as the matches are concerned, you can find partners by defining their physical appearance. It allows setting the desired body type, eye colour, height, weight, and even hair colour.

It’s Easy!

Finding your potential spouse is the easiest on this site, especially if you are a Christian and mommy doesn’t allow one-night stands. Also, the aesthetic design is a huge plus!

What Could Be Better?

Christian Mingle could be better if there was a centralized contact system and not too many prayer requests. Still, it doesn’t take away the fact that Christian Mingle is an intuitive site with a clutter-free layout and convenient navigation.
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How To Shoot Your Shot In 2021

Online dating is no less than gambling in Las Vegas because you have no idea how things will turn out to be, but it’s still addictive, you know?


Even Lizzo couldn’t stop herself from sliding into Chris Evan’s messages! In case you’ve been fawning around and keeping the crush “one-sided,” we are sharing how you can shoot your shots in 2021. So, shall we rip off the band-aid?

1. Instagram DMs

People might have told you that it’s too risky, but we think it’s a great start. However, don’t start stalking and sending nudes; take a natural approach instead. You simply need to assess her likes, dislikes, and interests, and when you see something similar, strike a conversation. This approach will actually make them reply without making things awkward.

2. Do You See Them Daily?

If you have a crush on someone who you meet daily, it makes sense to shoot your shot in person. Keep in mind that you won’t find a perfect moment, so find a less amiss moment (let’s be realistic). Here is what you can do:


  • Ask out for drinks after work just to unwind.
  • If you are in school or college, try finding them when they are alone and free (nope, not around her best friends or when she is hoarded with assignments)

3. Don’t Be Childish

When you finally muster up the courage, don’t beat around the bush or expect them to read your mind. So, walk up to them, share your feelings politely (after greeting, of course), and see if she shows interest. In case she shows interest, you’ve got yourself a score and don’t play hard-to-get!

4. Don’t Call Her Pretty

While there’s nothing wrong with complimenting someone on their looks, it’s the least important thing about them.


Calling her pretty will make her turn you down because way too many guys already call her cute, gorgeous, and beautiful. For truly winning her, comment on her intelligence, confidence, or sense of humour – complimenting her laugh is also a great idea (winning move!).


In the end, do remember that shooting your shot is a fast process, so don’t fret it!

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Conversations To Avoid On Your First Date

Most of us feel anxious and a little nervous while preparing for the very first date. Well, these kinds of feelings are common, and you can control them in many different ways. The first and foremost step should be mentally preparing yourself for what to talk about and what topics to avoid. Here’s a little detail on this.

Never overshare your terrible experience from a past relationship. Take a fresh start with lighter topics and initiate a conversation with which your partner is comfortable. Bringing back your awful experiences not only ruins the environment but also makes you sound bitter and obsessive.

Don’t ask about their financial status. Some people find it rude and inappropriate to be asked about their financial standing. So it’s better to avoid asking such personal questions, which can make the other person uncomfortable.

Avoid portraying yourself as a shy person. Having confidence carries many benefits, one of which is that with good self-confidence, you can make your conversations a bit lively. It will eventually help you in attracting your date.

Don’t ask about their religion. Some people are more private and find such topics not worth discussing. So keep this in mind and keep your talk away from this controversial subject.

Talk less about your family drama. Talking about your family drama can be entertaining and enjoyable, but sometimes it gets annoying for the other person. However, your date doesn’t need to hear that your aunt Rachel isn’t speaking to your mom because of that little fight at Christmas dinner. Save these not-so-precious family moments for another (and much later) date.

Stop being whiny. Adults whine even more than kids. However, on your first date, try to hide this problematic personality trait in a good way. Show that you are excited about life and don’t get easily stressed out about any complications.

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