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4 Biggest Dating Pet Peeves According To Women

So, you have found the prettiest girl, you have swiped right, but she isn’t just responding to your perfectly catchy message; what a bummer! But hey, there are some dating pet peeves that women pay attention to (and maybe you are doing those things that keep them from replying to you). So, with this post, we are sharing the biggest dating pet peeves according to women, so you can avoid them and score the perfect girl out there!

1. What Even Is The Point Of Gym Selfies?

Oh my god, why do men like to post those shirtless gym selfies? Sure, you would want to show that you are in good shape, but there are other ways (add a wink emoji). Anyhow, women want to see your clothed pictures, and if you are really in shape, they will be able to see it right through your shirt. So, either remove your gym selfies or be ready to never get a reply from your crush!

2. Nicknames

If you are sending the first message to a girl, calling her beautiful, babe, or honey won’t settle well with them. These nicknames are basically endearment terms that are only suitable when you are already in a relationship. So, if you don’t know the girl already, calling these names will appear snobbish and condescending.

3. Asking For Phone Number

So, you have been able to get a reply, the conversation is going on smoothly, and you ask for a phone number in the first chat – well, everything will go down the drain. That’s because asking for the phone number in the first chat will come off as desperate. Instead, write something like, “if you ever need my help, you can call me at (add your number)” It will be subtle, and she’ll contact you when she’s comfortable.

4. Self-Obsession

Talking about the achievements is fine, and sharing the background is fine too but don’t make self-obsessive remarks. It’s essential to let the woman speak and understand the difference between conceit and sharing. Also, when you let the woman talk, she will feel that she can talk to you (yup, women love that!).

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