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Be careful to avoid stupid behavior after fitness


Drink plenty of water/cold drinks

Sweat profusely during fitness and often lose moisture quickly making the population dry.

If you drink a lot of water immediately after fitness. your body will sweat more. The more you sweat. the more salt will be lost which will cause cramps. cramps and other symptoms and it will also cause a serious burden on your heart after fitness.

At this time.the digestive function of the human body has not returned to normal. If you are eager to drink cold drinks for a will irritate the stomach. cause diarrhea.abdominal pain and cause gastrointestinal diseases in the long term.

Suggestion: Replenish water or salt water in small mouths several times.


Squat rest

It consumes a lot of physical strength during fitness.especially after exercising the legs.the leg muscles are sore and tired.

If you squat and rest immediately after exercising. it is easy to hinder the blood return of the lower limbs and affect blood circulation. Especially after high-intensity training, the blood is mostly concentrated in the muscles of the limbs. If you stop and rest immediately a large amount of venous blood will remain in the veins. At this time. the heart will become ischemia.causing dizziness.nausea.shortness of breath and other symptoms.

Suggestion: After fitness. adjust the breathing rhythm. do some stretching and relaxation exercises which can distribute the blood of the body well but also accelerate the recovery of physical fitness, eliminate fatigue and relieve muscle soreness.




Greedy cool air conditioner

During fitness. the capillaries on the surface of the body swell and blood circulation speeds up. the body temperature rises. the pores expand, and the perspiration increases.

If you are greedy for air conditioning after fitness and your body temperature drops sharply. it is easy to cause capillary contraction. tight pores.body temperature regulation and other physiological dysfunctions.weakened immunity and lead to colds.diarrhea and other diseases.

Suggestion: Wait for the body temperature to slowly return to normal body temperature after that the body and the outside world form a good circulatory system which is more conducive to the recovery of the body.



When exercising it consumes a lot of energy in the body. If there is no supplement before exercising you may feel hungry and fatigue. After fitness .the human digestive system is still in a state of inhibition and the body’s blood is redistributed, mainly in the limbs and muscles and the supply of internal organs is relatively small.

If you eat immediately it will cause indigestion. increase the burden on the stomach and cause dysfunction. If you eat will consume a lot of vitamin B1 in your body.feel tired.lose your appetite and affect your body’s recovery.

Suggestion: Eat 30 minutes after fitness. If you need to add sweets after can eat more foods rich in vitamin B1. such as beans. nuts. etc.




The breathing speeds up during fitness and more oxygen is inhaled and delivered to various muscle tissues.

Smoking after fitness not only reduces the oxygen content of the inhaled is not conducive to the recovery of the body but also affects the gas exchange in the body’s alveoli, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, fatigue and other symptoms.

Recommendation: It is best to quit smoking regardless of fitness or not.


Take a cold shower

Take a bath

Body temperature rises during fitness, pores expand, and perspiration increases. Most of the body’s blood is supplied to the muscle tissues of the limbs.

If you take a bath after fitness. the blood cannot be supplied to the straws of other tissues in time which will lead to insufficient blood supply to the brain heart and symptoms such as dizziness. nausea.and fatigue. In severe cases other diseases can also be induced. Of course. you shouldn’t take a cold shower. Taking a cold shower will cause your body temperature to drop sharply, and your pores will be tightly closed. so that the heat can’t be released well. resulting in a decrease in immunity and you can easily catch a cold and fever.

Suggestion: After fitness. wait until the body temperature returns to normal and it is best to control the bath water temperature at 35~37 degrees.



During fitness. blood circulation is accelerated and body functions are at a higher level.

If you drink alcohol after fitness your body will absorb alcohol more quickly into the blood which will intensify the damage to the liver gastrointestinal and other organs. It will also increase the uric acid in the blood and cause joint inflammation. In the long will cause fatty liver. gastric ulcer and other diseases.

Recommendation: It is best not to drink alcohol for fitness. Alcohol is also high in calories, which is not conducive to fitness.

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