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If you meet such a man when you are in love, you can marry with confidence and boldness!

Many times, some girls who ask me about their emotions will say the same thing to me: Although my boyfriend has some shortcomings, many times, I think he still loves me very much, should I choose to continue with him? 

In fact, in many cases, after listening to it, I can only silently say that it is not worth it for them, and then comfort them by saying, it doesn’t matter, he is not the only man in the world, you deserve better.

What kind of man is really worthy of our love? Today, I’m here to popularize the four elements of true love with you, to help you clear your emotional confusion and let you love with confidence and boldness.

What kind of boy is suitable to spend your life with you and enter into marriage?


be patient with you

Living with someone who is impatient with you is a disaster.

In life, you will endure his impatience with you all the time.

The first time you learned to cook, he thought you were slow and not good enough; you asked him to accompany you shopping, you just entered the fitting room to try on clothes, and he was sitting on pins and needles; you attended his friends’ party and wanted to dress up Just help him support the scene, he will think you are dawdling.

In this way, the piles and piles of life have accumulated over a long period of time. Even if you can bear it, there will be many quarrels.

Can you still have a good marriage and a good life when you are “disgusted” by your other half in the state of your life all day long?

So, if you want to know if a man is really right for you, first see how patient he is with you.

If he’s patient enough with you, then he’s successfully shortlisted for the other half of your life.


Not always opening and closing for you

There may be many girls who have had this experience. When you make a decision, there is always a voice interfering with you: “Don’t do this, that choice is better, I’m all about it. For your own good! If you weren’t my girlfriend, I wouldn’t care about others.”

There is a kind of boy who always uses “for your own good” as an excuse to kidnap you, trying to use his own ideas to change you and interfere in your life.

In every small matter, he always makes decisions for you in the name of “for your own good”, but he never thinks about who defines “good” for this “good”.

Both parties in a marriage should be equal, and whoever has the right to be respected. If a man doesn’t even consider your feelings and your thoughts about the little things in life, how can you expect him to respect your choices in the big things in life?

Think about it, in case one day in the future, when you are dying of pain in the delivery room, urging the doctor to help you with a caesarean section, but the man said “for your own good” and refused to sign. At that time, how desperate you should be.


Able to be “harmonious but different” with you

No two leaves in the world are the same. Likewise, no husband and wife are born together to be a perfect fit.

You can be different in your way of life, but be tolerant of each other.

For example, if you like spicy food, he likes light, but he will not force you to be like him. 

On the other hand, you like to watch Korean dramas, and he likes to watch football games, but you will not argue about it. You snuggle up next to him, he watches the ball game on TV, and you watch the Korean drama on Ipid and cry.

Another example is that you like to eat tomatoes, but he likes eggs. Every time you order tomato scrambled eggs, you are responsible for eating the tomatoes, and he is responsible for eating the eggs.

In short, you can have a lot of differences, but you can somehow reach a tacit understanding, and you will be different.

But remember one thing, although you can have thousands of different ways of life, you can’t be different in the three views.

If you have obvious differences in consumption outlook, values, and world outlook, and the other party still can’t stand the difference between you and wants to forcibly assimilate you, then he will definitely not be the right person for you.


Occasionally immature in front of you

If your significant other has always been very mature and rational in front of you, almost perfect, then you have to be careful.

When people are in front of their loved ones, they will let their guard down.

If a man in front of you has never shown his childish or even irrational behavior, then there are only two possibilities, either he is fake or he is terrible.

A person who is unwilling to let go of his defense and face the truth, do you think he really loves you? A terribly rational person, would he give up his own interests for the sake of his love?

His career, his hobbies, his family, and his life plans will all be more important than you in his heart.

Because these things, in his opinion, are what can accompany him for a lifetime, while a girlfriend is an uncertain factor.

When you are with him, you must keep yourself out of his way at all times and not become a drag on him, otherwise you will receive a peaceful, rational, and even slightly gentle parting notice.

Remember, a man is always innocent like a child in front of a woman he really likes. If he really loves you, he won’t mature in your presence forever.

When you meet a man who meets the above four conditions at the same time, then there is no doubt that he is the one who is suitable to spend your life with you.

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What makes a man change his heart and stop loving you

Sara is an excellent girl, with good looks, sexy body, and a well-paid and decent job.

In this way, she naturally attracted the favor of many boys and had many suitors, and among them was Alan.

Just six months ago, Alan met Sara at a cocktail party, and he fell in love with her at first sight and started various pursuits. Every Monday, I ask people to send flowers to the company. I even have romantic surprises for Sara to have a meal, and I warmly greet her and take care of her. When I heard that Sara was sick, I would have traveled to another place to fly back overnight.

In the end, naturally, Sara was caught.

In the first three months, Alan and Sara were all sweet, and almost every day in the circle of friends, they could be seen showing their affection in various poses.

As for Alan, he was even more excited because he had caught up with his goddess, so he changed his mobile phone desktop to a photo of Sara, and made a detour every day to drive Sara for two more hours to and from get off work.

In short, their daily life is as sweet as a romance drama.

But gradually, Alan turned into sending Sara to and from get off work every three to five, and then it became once a week, and then it became an occasional one for a long time. And his mobile phone desktop has long been changed back to the starry universe he likes.

Day by day, Sara is still so beautiful, gentle and decent, but Alan seems to be no longer as enthusiastic and patient towards her as before.

They started a cold war and started bickering over trivial things.

Later, it wasn’t until Sara saw a message sent to him by other girls on Alan’s phone, calling him her husband, that the two of them finally ended up breaking up.

I believe that you have seen a lot of things like this. It is obvious that when two people first got together, there were all kinds of sweet love. Boys can’t wait to hold girls to the top of their hearts all the time, but in the end, they turned away from love and cheated on other girls.

Why is this so? After finally getting the goddess of his dreams, shouldn’t he cherish it in every possible way and be consistent? But why, in the end, he changed his mind and cheated on other women?

In fact, this is all because of a psychological phenomenon called “hedonic adaptation”.

What is a “hedonic indication”, in fact, everyone will understand it with an example.

You’ve saved up a lot of money for a pair of sneakers that you really like. When I first got my hands, I was excited and happy, and I took great care of these shoes. If they get dirty, you have to clean them up quickly.

But after a while, when you put it on again, you won’t be so happy, so excited, and it doesn’t matter if you accidentally get a little dirty.

This phenomenon is called hedonic adaptation. Science has proven that when something suddenly happens that makes a person feel happy and happy, the excitement and happiness will only last for at most three months before returning to a normal state of mind.

In the same way, when you are broken up or something unfortunate happens to a friend around you, you feel that the whole world has collapsed, and you will never meet someone who treats you so well. You are extremely sad, and after three months After that, you will still be alive and well and live your life as usual.

So if a boy loves you again at the beginning, and then pursues you hard, once you have been together for a long time, more than three months, this passion and freshness will disappear.

When a relationship goes to the back, it will always lose its passion, because the powerful force of “hedonic adaptation” is behind it.

Does that mean that all men will change their minds after more than three months, and will empathize and find other girls?

If you don’t do anything, then your relationship will gradually fade away. In the end, even if he doesn’t cheat, your relationship will not last until the end.

The fact that the prince and the princess meet and finally come together does not mean a perfect ending. The contradictions, quarrels, and frictions generated by the two people are the real follow-up.

So don’t assume that you’re in a high position to begin with and you’ll be fine with a good, thoughtful boyfriend.

Happiness is divided into two steps. The first step is to find the right person for you. The second step is to make this freshness and excitement last for a lifetime.

So how can you keep your feelings from being defeated by the powerful force of “hedonic adaptation” and diluted by time?

Positive psychology research shows that there are three main sources of human happiness: 50% comes from genes, 10% comes from the environment, and 40% comes from human actions.

That is to say, happiness depends to a large extent on our own actions.

So what actions can make the relationship between you and your partner better and better? Today I’m here to share with you 5 secrets to rekindle your love:


know how to appreciate

Two people have been together for a long time, and it is easy to become accustomed to each other. Get used to the advantages of you falling in love with him at the beginning, and get used to everything the other person has done for you. It seems that the other party’s dedication to you is a matter of course.

If this goes on like this, it’s easy for you to ignore each other’s strengths and lose the sense of happiness you had when you were with him in the first place.

Therefore, it is very important to know how to appreciate and know how to be grateful. Know how to be grateful when the other person has done something for you in daily life. When the other person shows the good side, know how to appreciate him.

At this time, when the other party gets your feedback, it will make you feel affirmed and more willing to pay for you.

(If you say that you are not good at complimenting others and don’t know how to do so, then reply to the keyword “compliment” in the background of our official account, and you can quickly get this skill.)


Avoid offensive reprimands

We all come from different families, grew up in different environments, have different personalities, and have different living habits.

Therefore, there will inevitably be friction and some stumbling and stumbling when getting along. Therefore, quarrels can be said to be something that every couple will experience.

Usually, people lose their minds when they are angry, don’t care about the feelings of the other party, and even say some offensive rebukes to hurt the other party’s self-esteem.

For example: “You are so useless, you know you are staying at home all day!”, “You are too selfish! You never consider my situation!”, “You are so tasteless, you can fall asleep watching a drama with me!” 

In fact, when you said these words at the time, it was just a moment of anger, but the other party has been deeply hurt by you.

If the other party is violent, you must have a fierce quarrel, and if the other party is a gentle person, then the heart must be extremely aggrieved.

Therefore, when the other party does something that is not so satisfactory to us, please try to express it euphemistically in another way to minimize the damage.


kidnap each other’s value

Even if you have the same appearance as Fan Bingbing, the other party will only think that it is a face after looking at it for a long time. When two people get along, what is more important is the intrinsic value you have.

If you want your significant other to be inseparable from you, then in addition to being independent, you must learn to guide his life, and even provide him with career help.

When he encounters setbacks, give him some new ideas, new perspectives, or help him cook a bowl of noodles when he comes home from overtime late at night.

At that moment, the other party will understand that you and his value are bound, and you are a community of interests. In such a situation, how can a boy leave you so easily?

Just look at Xiang Tai, she was beautiful and bright when she was young, and Xiang Huaqiang spoiled her in various ways. Even if she is older and fatter and no longer young and beautiful, she still loves her more.

An attractive woman who knows how to go beyond the outer skin and make a man fall in love with her soul.


give each other time to think of you

No matter how delicious the dish is, if you eat it alone every day, you will get tired of it. The same is true in love. If you want to keep your love fresh for a long time, don’t stick together all the time.

To know how to give each other space properly, the other party will look forward to spending time with you more.

You can use this time to create your own high value, such as having a beauty spa with your best friends, going on a trip with your female friends, or just sitting alone in a coffee shop reading a book.

When you stop clinging to him every day and be yourself, he will be more attracted to you. At the same time, because of your proper distance, it also gave him time to miss you.


Keep the frequency doing the things that you like together

Love is constant and the loved one explores new landscapes. While you need space for each other, you also need emotional resonance that belongs to both of you.

Try doing one thing you both enjoy doing with him each week.

For example, you both like fitness, or you both like outings, or you both like watching movies, so you might as well choose a time when you have free time with each other to do this together.

Know that these shared experiences will make two people more tacit and have more emotional resonance.

And because of these tacit understanding and resonance, each other can discover more shining points in each other, and be more sure that the other party is the person they want most and agree with most.

When the prince and princess are together, it doesn’t mean a happy ending. Knowing how to improve yourself in love and learn to get along better with each other will make the fire of love last forever.

If your relationship with him is in a bottleneck period, if you feel that the relationship between you is getting weaker and weaker, then learning these 5 methods will definitely benefit a lot.

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These five ways a man chats with you shows that he doesn’t love you at all!

Some girls always struggle over and over again on one issue, tossing and turning, that is – “He really love me or not?”

Is the answer to this question really so difficult? In fact, not necessarily, sometimes, it is just because we are in it that the authorities are obsessed.

Try to get out of the way and observe and analyze with a calm mind, and the answer will be obvious.

Today I will teach you a very useful chat self-examination technique to test how much a man loves you.

As long as you analyze your chat records, you can clearly know whether he loves you or not?


round-robin chat

If you’re chatting with a guy, always be positive and respond quickly to his messages. But it always takes a long time for him to reply to you, sometimes even after several days.

Then this is a typical “negative” chat – you reply to his message in seconds, and he replies to your message after in days.it means that he doesn’t interest on you.

Of course, everyone is busy, especially if a guy is very good, then he may devote a lot of time to study and career, so it is inevitable that sometimes when you send him a message, he will reply Slow down.

But if he always delays for a long time every time he responds to your message, and sometimes even reply to you after a day or two, then undoubtedly, his investment in you is very limited, then the degree of his love for you is also limited. 

Be careful, it doesn’t mean that a guy doesn’t love you if he responds slowly to your message. Don’t be like some girls. If a guy doesn’t reply to himself after ten minutes or an hour or two, he will be in all kinds of entanglements. All kinds of doubts that boys do not love themselves.

What I’m talking about is that boys don’t reply to you for a long time, sometimes even a day or two, and this frequency of replying has become the norm. This is a sign that boys don’t love you.


A thousand years to wait for a chat

In addition to the length of time a guy responds to your messages, the frequency with which he contacts you is also an important indicator of whether he loves you.

If you chat with a guy, you start a topic, and every time you talk to him, he responds to you.

And the number of times he takes the initiative to chat with you is very small, it is simply “wait for a thousand years”, then he must not love you enough.

So, take out your phone, look through your chat history with him, check the date, and see if the person who opens the conversation is always you?

Under normal circumstances, it should be almost half and half of two people. Even if a boy likes you more and you are in a high position in the relationship, it should be the boy who takes the initiative more often.

So, to see if a boy doesn’t love you, just see if he is always chatting with you in an interactive way of “waiting for a thousand years”.


Cherish words like gold

There are also some boys who always cherish words when chatting with girls, as if saying one more word will kill them.

This type of boy generally has three behaviors when chatting with girls:

short opening remarks

Every time I take the initiative to find you, the words are always super short, either “Are you there?” .

Boys like this are generally likely to cast a wide net. Maybe when he sent you this message, he also sent it to many other girls, just to see who was interested in him and who would put more value in him.

If he meets a girl who is more interested in him and returns to him, then he will naturally be more willing to chat with that girl, and will naturally ignore you.

You send a “small composition” but he replies with “keywords”

There are other guys, although he doesn’t “cast a wide net” and treat you like a fish. But in the process of chatting, the level of slackness is also unbearable.

You chatted with him excitedly and sent him a long message, which was almost as long as a “small composition”. But when he replied to you, it was only two or three words, just like keywords.

Some people say that the number of words a person replies to you is proportional to his love for you. In fact, sometimes this sentence is not unreasonable.

Emoji pack perfunctory reply

There is another kind of reply, even if he doesn’t bother to type hyphens, no matter what you say to him, he will reply you with an emoji.

You told him something happened today that made you feel so sad, and he replied you with a emoji.

You tell him that the weather is getting colder, remember to add clothes, and he will reply with emoji again.

For him, expressions are everything, because he finds it troublesome to type a word for you. You ask how much he loves you? Then you count the number of words he replies to you.


Like the  cold king

There is also a kind of boy who replies to you in a timely manner and doesn’t use emojis to perfunctory you, but he always embarrassed the scene when you chat with him, and is often cold.

Obviously every time you open a particularly good chat topic, but he always refuses to answer, and often use few words to end the chats within second.

You look at his circle of friends and know that he has gone abroad recently, and then you tell him, how is the journey? I’ve been to XX place too. It’s very fun and the food is very delicious. Have you been there?

Then he replies to you: Mmmm, okay. Didn’t go.

You know he also likes some star very much, and also went to concerts. So you said to him: Wow, you went to the concert too? I went too that day!

He will say to you: Oh, nice.

These replies can feel a cool wind blowing across the screen, making people feel a cool feeling.

Yes, don’t doubt, the reason why he can’t talk so much is just because he doesn’t like you.

There is a saying that is good, it depends on whether a person loves you, not what he said, but what he did for you.

But if a person is unwilling to invest even in the value of “speaking”, and he is slack and perfunctory even in speaking, then what do you expect him to do for you?

Babies, when you meet such a boy, please stop worrying and entanglement.

Since it is obvious that he is so uninterested in you, why should we lose our dignity to beg and wag our tails.

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These few secrets, let men take the initiative to change bad habits for you

A lot of times, I always hear some girls complain that their boyfriends have some shortcomings that really make them unbearable.Some say that their boyfriend has never been sloppy, and is simply a technical nerd. Some people say that their boyfriend doesn’t understand amorous feelings at all, and is completely a straight male.Others say that their boyfriend neither understands romance, but also lives a decadent life, and is properly a greasy man.They have tried many methods, but the boys are still unmoved, and there is no substantial change in action. What do they have to do so that boys can be obedient and make changes for them?

In fact, it is not that difficult to want a boy to be willing to make changes for you. Just like meeting a cat with a stubborn personality, as long as you find its cool point correctly, it will obediently let you stroke it.If you want a boy to change for you willingly, you must first understand the following points:

01 encourage

When we train the dog, As the dog makes a corresponding action according to your instructions, we usually reward it, so that the dog will form a conditioned reflex in the long run and be more willing to make the action.

Humans are actually the same as animals. Once he does something, he will be rewarded, so he will definitely be happy to repeat this action, which is learned behavior through reinforcement.

So when a boy does the behavior you want him to do, even if it’s just an occasional one or two, you should know how to encourage and praise him in time.

For example, he has always been a steely straight male who doesn’t understand the style, and even takes the initiative to call you and rarely speaks. But  one night he suddenly took the initiative to call you.

Then at this time, you must not be very surprised and complain that he has not taken the initiative to call you before.

Instead, you should say to him: I feel so happy every time I hear your voice, and I love the feeling of hearing you say goodnight to me in person before going to bed.

In this way, boys will be more willing to speak or call you more often.

02 bottom line

If you want a guy to make a change, you have to let him know where your bottom line is.

If no matter what he looks like or what he does, you look like you can bear it completely, then he will have no psychological pressure at all and no motivation to change at all.

But, on the contrary, if you can let him know where your bottom line is, then he knows he needs to perform better or risk losing you.

03 express needs

Sometimes, it’s not that the guy is unwilling to make changes for you, it’s that you never express your needs to him.

It’s like a paragraph on TikTok :

Girl: You don’t understand me at all

Boy: How can I understand you if you don’t tell me

Girl: The real understanding does not need to be said

Boy: I don’t understand what you said

Girl: What’s the point of saying it, I don’t say it, you should understand

Boy: I’m not you, how can I know your feelings completely

Girl: I don’t care

Although this is just a joke, it is indeed a state that often occurs when men and women get along.

Girls are shy about expressing their thoughts and expect boys to understand in seconds. But most straight men say that it is really difficult for them to do this. They can’t do it at all.

So sometimes, such a state can cause a lot of misunderstandings. It’s not that the guy doesn’t want to make changes for you, it’s that he doesn’t know what changes he needs to make.

So it’s important to communicate with a guy and let him know what changes you want him to make.

04 good attitude

As we mentioned earlier, if you want boys to make changes for you, communication is actually very important. So how to communicate, will achieve a good effect? The answer is: good attitude.

When you express your needs and hope that boys make changes, you must not criticize and blame like parents educate their children. This will not only fail to achieve the purpose, but sometimes even have the opposite effect.

In addition, when communicating, you should avoid these two sensitive words as much as possible: always and never.

For example, when some girls quarrel with boys, they will say: You are always like this, every time you talk is not counted… You will never change, you have never done anything for me… ··

You know, the emotions expressed by these two words are very extreme. This is a violent way of communication that will only fill your relationship with accusations, complaints and blows.

05 lead by example

Many times, we want others to make changes. First of all, you must take the initiative to make changes, so that you can lead and infect the people around you.

For example, you complain about boys, a decadent life, a greasy body, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Instead of urging him to get rid of these bad habits in his ear every day, it is better to be yourself first.

Go out and participate in meaningful social activities, go to the gym regularly every day, and refuse those unhealthy junk food.

In this way, in the long run, when he sees your change, he will definitely be inspired by you and take the initiative to try to make changes.

In short, if you want a boy to communicate with you more, you should first communicate with him proactively. If you want a boy to care more about you, then you should try to care more about him first, and use your actions to drive it. He, of course, would be more willing to make changes.

06 No one is perfect

Although, above we talked about a lot of techniques to make guys willing to make changes for you. But we must be clear that no one is perfect, and no one is perfect.

Maybe this boy has one or another shortcomings, but unless it is some serious or principled issues, we can all be as tolerant as possible.

True love is not only loving the other person’s strengths, but even small shortcomings can become the reason for you to love him.

As long as you’re sure he’s a reliable man and the right person you really want to be with, try to accept some of his small shortcomings as well.

Two people in love are like turning two gears of friction, and finding the best state of getting along between you will make love more beautiful.

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When women reach middle age, there are still men who take the initiative to “flirting” with you, mostly for these purposes

For other purposes that you don’t want to experience

Love means different things for different people for each age group.When we are young, we yearn for vigor and vitality. By middle age, we want stability. Women all want to be loved and to be pursued, but in middle age, things are different. Maybe you already have a family.  You think that he really loves you, but a lot of the time he doesn’t. He might just be trying to take advantage of you, or he more likely that he is just looking for novelty, and then he will go his own way. When you reach middle age, you can no longer treat your suitors as willfully as you did when you were young. You need to discern what he means to you and how you should handle this relationship so that you don’t get hurt. In fact, when women reach middle age, they still pursue the opposite sex, mostly for these purposes.

To experience the freshness

Love is not a game of deceit, but some men like to seek their own interests under the guise of love. Such men take the initiative to approach middle-aged women, and even show great hospitality to them, mostly for the word “interest”, and women have to guard against them. Love is only a part of life. We can fully enjoy the happiness brought by love, but at the same time we need to be alert to the traps in it, so as not to let ourselves fall into it. Love someone, please love them deeply, and don’t waste other people’s feelings and let yourself become a liar. I have seen many such cases in my life. A man approaching a middle-aged woman appears to be because of love, but in fact it is because the other party’s economic conditions are good, such as a few properties, huge savings, and so on. When the man saw this, he pretended to approach her, and when the time was right, he slowly revealed his ambition, either letting the property transfer or trying to move her money. Such a person has a very clear purpose, and such feelings are more hypocritical than we imagine. Only by knowing how to distinguish can we distinguish what is true love and what is playing and exploiting.

Due to the pressure of parents, Want to find a suitable marriage partner as soon as possible

It seems that once entering the society, people will face three kinds of pressures: the pressure of finding a job, getting married, and having children. Pressure always exists around people all the time. If you have just graduated, your family will ask you to find a job, and you will face pressure to find a job; if your job is stable and your age is marriageable , then your family will urge you to go on a blind date, get married, and the pressure of marriage begins to approach you again; if you are already married, your family may urge you to have a child while you are young again, and you will face such pressure to have a child again. These pressures will always subtly make people feel coercive and unpleasant, and these pressures can crush people in all aspects. So when a middle-aged unmarried man is still flirting with you, and often takes the initiative to care about you, you have to evaluate and think seriously, whether he really loves you , or is it just old age, it’s time to get married, find someone who is suitable for marriage. Both of these are very important, because no one can withstand the pressure of family marriage all the time, and then convince himself that he can’t do it in his life. No, everyone will compromise with reality. Everyone is an ordinary person, an ordinary person who cannot shoulder the responsibilities of a hero. It is difficult to take care of yourself under the pressure of this society. If you still need to take care of yourself. One’s own love, taking care of the perfect pursuit of love in one’s heart, is too tiring for an adult. It is easy to find a suitable person for marriage, but true love and sincere affection are too hard to find. If a man is still unmarried in middle age and takes the initiative to flirt with you, then he may not really love you, but in addition to loving you, there are many things that may urge him to do it.

Emotional suggest: When a woman reaches the stage of forty or fifty years old, don’t be blinded by a man’s temporary love, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. If you say that you already have a stable marriage, you naturally have to reject the pursuit of other opposite sex, because once you are tempted, you will definitely pay the price; if you are single, you should also get to know each other comprehensively. If something is wrong, you have to turn away immediately. In the face of love, don’t be blindly impulsive. Sometimes you look at it like love, but it is actually a hurt. Don’t be fooled and fooled. In any case, stay away from divorce, keep yourself awake, and don’t be deceived by men’s rhetoric. Only in this way can you reap a lifetime of happiness.

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Between the opposite sex, once two people have these “interaction,” basically can be determined as ambiguous!

There is such a controversial topic on the Internet: “How is the ambiguous relationship between men and women formed?” In fact, many people know that “interaction” is inseparable. Just like the “Lovers Are Not Satisfied” the singer sang, whether it is consensual love or wishful thinking, it all contains this kind of ambiguity. It’s like the saying on the Internet: “Love is like ice cream, no matter how you avoid it, it will eventually melt.The same is true for young love in reality. You can deny it if you kill it, but your heart will leak. The only difference is that people who are in love can make a big splash, while men and women in an ambiguous relationship can only be sneaky. In a relationship, how do we distinguish between love and ambiguity? As long as there is such ambiguity between men and women, it can basically be judged as ambiguity!

Deliberate contact when meeting

The relationship between the opposite sex is not common. It is mainly reflected in the contact when meeting. When the heart cannot be suppressed, there will be active and deliberate contact. This is the most obvious way to displays of affection. Ordinary friends of the opposite sex will know to maintain a certain distance, and it is not easy to have contact and closeness. Because there is no favorite ingredient, they will pay more attention to the discretion of “men and women do not get close”, and will pay great attention to some of their words and deeds to avoid misunderstandings. other side. If the relationship between two people is really unusual, there will be active and deliberate contact, such as holding hands, meeting, hugging, etc. These contacts all express the inner love, it is very clear, such a relationship is definitely not ordinary Yes, you don’t need to notice it deliberately. The limit of love is whether there is contact between the opposite sex. Whenever two people hold hands and hug each other, it shows that there is an element of love in the heart, and in fact, two people are in love.

chat often late at night

If a person often chats with you late at night and shares his joys and sorrows with you, there is no doubt that he must like you. Because people only have the desire to talk when facing the person they like, and only want to expose their best side or the most vulnerable side to the other party, in order to get the other party’s resonance or response. Especially in the middle of the night, people are emotional animals at night, and what they show is closer to the most real self. Two people who often chat in the middle of the night will chat a lot and think a lot unknowingly, and will gradually become each other’s emotional sustenance unknowingly, get used to each other, and depend on each other. Frequent late-night chats with the same person for a long time are addictive. If one day the other person is gone, even if there is no substantive relationship between the two of you, you will feel lost as if you have lost the whole world. Therefore, a long chat in the middle of the night is certainly a way to promote feelings, but before that, you need more rational analysis. Is the other party looking for you to chat late at night just as a trash can for him to vent his emotions, or is it just a chat to pass the time? What you have to figure out is, is he single? Does he want to get to know you through chat, or is he just trying to flirt with you? Remember, cut off those scheming late-night long chats as soon as possible, because it is easy for people to like the person who often chats with them, don’t wait until it gets out of hand, but you can only reap an empty joy. Even if you can talk again, don’t fall in love with someone who only chats with you across the screen, otherwise, when that person leaves, you will have nothing.

Spend a lot of time alone and on dates.

The interaction between people is often chatting and hanging out together. If your friends are of the same sex, there may be a possibility to go out alone. If your friends are of the opposite sex there will be occasions when you go out alone, but most of the time Or play with a group of three or five friends. If you and your opposite-sex friends often get along alone, do some things alone, the first thing you think of when you go to play is the other party, and you don’t even want to date other friends, then you must be interested in the other party. If the other party There are also the same ideas and practices, so there is a great chance that this can develop into a couple.

Emotional message: Love or not love can’t be hidden, whether it’s a passionate love, or an ambiguous relationship between lovers above AUO. Although men and women in the ambiguous period cannot have “I miss you”. “I love you” is a clear expression of love. But they will show a tacit understanding beyond ordinary people. Sometimes, the reason why a person can’t be loved may be because of his shy personality, because he may have encountered opposition from his family, or he may not have guessed the other person’s mind. In short, he missed the person he once loved the most. . After these “interactions” between men and women, the relationship will be very ambiguous. Many times, with these “interactions” between the opposite sex, the relationship is no longer normal. Fate is fleeting, and no one will always stand in situ waiting for you. When the one who appears is what you want and love in your heart, you might as well be brave once.

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Why You Should Never Beg Someone To Stay

When you don’t value yourself and your boundaries, your relationships get ruined. With that, you lose respect and a positive outlook on life. Therefore it is necessary to keep your self-respect intact and never beg someone to put the same level of effort and love into relationships. Here are some cons of begging someone to stay.  Here are some cons of begging someone to stay. They will help you navigate why you should never do so and live a life of contentment.

  1. He will never respect you: If you think that begging your partner to stay in a relationship will make him fall back in love with you and start respecting you like before, I am afraid to tell you that it is usually not possible. It is hard to re-establish the same kind of love, care, attachment and respect once it’s lost. So try to accept that your relationship is over and move on with your life.
  • He will start taking you for granted: It is one of the most common problems in a relationship. When you feel like you’ve been used and taken for granted, take a stand for yourself and try to figure out whether this relationship needs a further push or not.
  • Your relationship turns toxic: When the other person doesn’t want to stay in a relationship, he will initiate fights over minor issues. You can resolve them if you work together, but he will start finding reasons to leave you. Well, in that case, do whatever you think is best for yourself and your mental health.

The Bright Side of Not Caring About Them Leaving

You will start working on yourself when you stop caring about who will stay in your life and who will not, and you will eventually be able to see who deserves your energy and time and who does not.

You are too precious to waste your emotions on the people who are not willing to stay. Always keep the exit door open for people like them and let them go.

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How To Avoid Fights In A Relationship

Unresolved issues and a bunch of childish misunderstandings can lead to arguments that are usually avoidable. Therefore if something bothers you or hurts you about your significant other, care to discuss it with them and sort it out. Here are some ways to avoid fights in a relationship.

Confront your partner if something is bothering you: Most of the time, when people say mean things, they fail to realize how it is going to affect the other person. So it is necessary to confront them respectfully and explain your thought process in a positive way.

Do not lie to get the other person’s attention: When you twist the truth to get your partner’s attention, serious consequences take place. By practising acceptance, making your boundaries, and sticking to them, you can avoid this behaviour of yours.

Stop victim-blaming: Victim-blaming can not only leave a negative impact on your relationship but on both of you as well. If you have made any mistake, have enough courage to accept it, apologize sincerely and make peace with your partner.

Watch your tone: The saying, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” has become so commonly used and is actually very true. In the heat of the moment, people get so furious that they say things they don’t mean in a much louder and aggressive tone. In order to clear things out, speak in a low pitch and explain your side properly.

Give your partner and yourself space: Personal and private space is as important as any other requirement of a healthy relationship. Giving each other time to do your own thing is a great sign of a healthy relationship, and it helps to give closer attention to our sentiments. So to avoid fights in a relationship, we must start by fixing ourselves.

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How I Met The Love Of My Life

It all began after an eventful summer break in middle school when puberty hit our innocence like a truck and left behind a mess of hormones. I saw the love of my life walking in the halls, looking as stunning as a 13-year-old could, passing by me and leaving me breathless. That was the moment I fell in love.

I wanted to purpose her and make her my bride right then and there. But there were two major hurdles in my love life; first, her jock of a boyfriend, and second, my awfully low self-esteem. Both forced me to never express my feelings to her as a “nerd like me could never have a girl like her.” Hence, I spent the rest of the years of my school life watching her from the shadows.

After graduation, I worked on myself, got a college degree, moved on with life, and forgot about her until I saw her profile again on a dating website. She looked exactly like I remembered – angelic. On seeing her profile, all the feelings of love came rushing back to me, and with came the shadows of self-doubt as well. After spending an hour debating whether to interact with her or not, I finally made a move and expected nothing because why would she even remember me, right?

To my surprise, she did. Our conversation started on the dating website with the nostalgic past and changed present. One thing led to another and, now I was going on a date with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen in my life. Nervous as hell, I took her on our first date and felt myself falling in love all over again; there, I realized that this dating website was the cupid’s arrow of love and not just a mere coincidence. So, without a second thought, I proposed to her and she said yes!

So, folks, that is the story of how I re-met the love of my life through a dating website.

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5 Best First Date Ideas

Do you really think that online chatting can tell you everything about a person? Well, for me, the answer is no. Face to face communication is important as studies show that 93 percent of communication is non-verbal.

In-person meetings not only allow you to interpret other people’s actions but also help you build credibility for a genuine relationship. So in order to make it special, there are few ideas that you should know.

1. Take a walk

More organic conversations and less awkward moments are appreciable benefits of walking dates. Moreover, some people find it difficult to search for a cool and comfortable place to have their first date. So walking dates are easy to plan and inexpensive.

2. Visit an amusement park together

What I always find joyful about amusement parks is that you can escape the stress of modern life. And enjoy fully with your partner as long as you’re there.  So just wear your casual outfit, check the weather and select the suitable timings to go for a date in an amusement park.

3. Arrange a movie night

A movie night allows you to sit together for some hours and gives you a good laugh and bonding time, so choose a movie that you both are interested in and spend quality time together.

4. Give them a lovely gift

one of the best ways to express love and adoration to someone is to give them something that they love or are excited to have. Gift-giving not only shows appreciation towards your loved ones but is also very helpful in strengthening your bond.

5. Go for a dinner date

As per their comfort, take them out or cook for them at your home. In addition to this dinner, dates can be made more enjoyable with open conversations about life and other random topics. So don’t dwell in your shyness and have a fun date worth remembering.

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