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Cute Couple Outfits You Need To Try In 2022

We all have spent 2020 in PJs and loungewear, but now that places are opening up, now is the right time to work on your couple outfits. Be it a formal date, beach day, or a fun walk around the downtown, we are sharing various cute couple outfit inspirations.

1. Want Something Cheesy?

Well, what could be cheesier than a pizza? Maybe your date, but that’s not the point here (add the drooling emoji). If you want a casual outfit while going out for a pizza date, get matching t-shirts printed with a pizza slice.

2. Get On, Muggles!

If you guys are a fan of Harry Potter and always waited for that acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, getting the coordinated Harry Potter shirts is a perfect idea. As for the occasion, you can wear it for a hike or a simple hang out with friends.

3. Banana Prints

Have you planned a beach day and want to make a cute impression? You should get a matching set with banana print and show that you have gone bananas in love (it’s just us trying to tell how cute you will look!). Not to forget, yellow is the IT colour this season!

4. Tropical Prints For Formal Attire

If you have to attend a formal dinner or want a candle-lit dinner, pass on those red dresses and black tuxedos because tropical prints are the new fashion statement.

5. Ace The Plaids

If twinning outfits is too loud for you, just create a coordinating look with plaid separates. These separates are great for couple outfits and are equally great for office looks (who doesn’t like killing two birds with one stone, right?).

6. Sports Jerseys

If any of you is a sportsperson and the match is coming, get a twinning sports jersey with them and get that cheesy picture when your love wins the game (uber cute!).

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