Dating After Divorce – Should You Tell Your Boyfriend About It?

Dating after divorce feels like uncharted and untapped territory, but divorce shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the love in the air. In fact, you might find the perfect guy after divorcing the “potentially perfect” guy. So, if you have scored a nice guy, should you tell him about the divorce?

Telling Your Boyfriend About Your Divorce – Is It Suggested?

If you are looking for a short answer, it’s a yes!

Your boyfriend deserves to know about your divorce, ladies. It’s obvious that divorce won’t be the hot topic on your first date, but it can arise anytime, so it’s best to be prepared. Ladies, we know that divorce is hard, and you don’t need to hide anything. In fact, you should talk about divorce, especially if you have some obligations that connect you with your ex, including mortgage, divorce charges, and child support. 

The Right Way To Share About Your Divorce 

Taking the right approach to sharing your divorce can make it an easy discussion rather than a blowout.

To begin with, always bring up the topic when you are both relaxed (nope, don’t tap into the conversation when you are sipping expensive wine in a five-star hotel). When you both are relaxed, it creates a natural and open conversation rather than a matter of entertainment for others. 

Secondly, it’s best to keep a slow approach because it takes time for the conversation to get to the point. Also, remember, your boyfriend will have questions, so be open to them and answer them patiently. 

If your boyfriend is also divorced, having an honest conversation about the past will actually prevent many fights later (you won’t contemplate their behaviour and compare them to your ex). 

To summarize, divorce is an essential part of your life, but it doesn’t define you. So, be open about it and don’t be afraid to accept some love! 

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