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Fun Ideas for Virtual Dates with Your Friends

In this age, virtual interactions have almost become a necessity. Say, if you have friends all around the world, it is simply not possible (nor pocket-friendly!) to visit all of them regularly like you can with real-life friends.

On top of that, we have the global enemy of socialization to compete with: COVID-19. So even meeting with real-life friends is not a good idea these days. But there is an answer to that: Virtual dates.

And one golden rule goes with virtual dates with your friends: the more invested you are in them, the more fun they are!


Sure, they are just not as appealing as physical dates where you can move around and be silly together and laugh and stuff your mouths with food, but trust me, virtual dates can be quite rewarding too!

Here are some ideas you can use for virtual dates with your friends:

A lunch date with an interesting backdrop

Quarantine does not forbid you from ordering in or takeaway (thankfully!). So decide on a time and date, play with the virtual backgrounds on Zoom, and have endless meaningful conversations over mouthwatering food!

A fashion show


Get on Zoom with your friend/friends, and throw a dress-up party! Explore your wardrobes together and find new identities to embody with different clothing items. In the end, you can also declare a winner or rate everyone’s outfits!

Music nights

Create well-thought-out playlists for your musical night and dance to amazing beats with your friends. Or if you are all in a grave mood, you can play classical music and have deep conversations over it with your friends.

Cooking shows

Decide on a recipe that you and all of your friends will make in the kitchen over Zoom. Then taste the results and rate them or simply enjoy your creations. Conduct a Masterchef of your own!

Watch movies together

This one is a no-brainer; put on a movie and watch with all of your friends and enjoy the ongoing commentary!


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