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How dating apps help you find love

You might have heard the phrase, “there is plenty of fish in the sea.” and scoffed at the thought, thinking what even is the point when, despite seeing many “fishes” around you, you can’t find someone you can call the love of your life. Here, we discuss how dating apps help you find love.

Everyone is only a click away

Convenience is the hallmark of dating apps. You see a profile you like, you approach the person and start talking from the comfort of your own home! Everyone is only a click away. Distance isn’t a problem. You don’t have to pay the taxi cab to take you anywhere or take a day off from work for the meetup.


Options, options, options!

Our options outside cyberspace are limited. We are acquainted with colleagues, family friends, and some friends at the club. Some are already settled into their lives, and others are simply not looking for love.

It is time-consuming to walk up to these people and strike up a conversation with them, only to find out that they’re not looking for anything at the moment. The odds of finding love are pretty slim here. How do you find people who are open to dating?


Dating apps like eharmony serve as a platform where people gather from all over the world, looking for the same thing as you: love.

Filtering people

Dating apps not only give you endless options but also help you filter out people. You can narrow your search, increasing the odds of finding love, based on metrics such as age, gender, location, and personal interests.

For example, if you’re a Christian person looking for someone who shares the same religious beliefs and values as you, you can sign up on ChristianMingle and find your perfect match. Or if you’re someone who is a gym enthusiast, you can find yourself a workout buddy! In the same way, you can find someone who shares the same profession as you; teacher, doctor, lawyer, artist — anyone you want.

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