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How to build an attractive profile on dating sites

In search of love, we find ourselves signing up on dating apps and websites. And when it comes to adding information about ourselves on our dating profile, we start drowning in an existential crisis thinking, “who am I?”

Wanting to stand out can feel challenging when you feel like there are so many people out there who are “better” looking with “more” interesting hobbies than yours. Such self-doubt is common. But you’re more interesting than you know, and we’re here to help you find that with easy tips on how to build an attractive profile on dating sites.

Add photos that you think represent you

One cannot judge a book by its cover. But people do get an idea of the book from its cover. This is why authors hire artists to design attractive book covers for them.

You don’t need to hire anyone for the selection of your pictures if you keep these four simple tips in mind:

1. Pick pictures in which you’re engaging in a hobby of yours. It could be writing, knitting, photography, gardening, drawing, dancing, exercising, camping, playing a musical instrument — anything.


2. Add 5-7 different pictures of you because you’re more than just a single hobby. You could add a picture with your pet, sitting in a public place, or even a silly selfie. It’s all up to you and what fits your personality the best.

3. Don’t add pictures that have other people as well. The focus should be on you.

4. Avoid adding badly cropped pictures where others can see the arm or shoulder of another person.

Turn cliches into interesting facts about yourself

Most people add cliches that are boring and ordinary. So avoid using cliches like:

● I love travelling

● I love music

● I love reading books

● I don’t know what to write here

● Message me and find out

● My life, my rules

Instead, extend those cliches to your interests. Don’t just tell them that you like travelling. Tell them where, and describe those places. If you love music, specify the music genre or name your favourite bands/artists. And if you’re into reading, mention your favourite books and tell them why you love them. You get the idea.


If you live your life by your own rules, then enlist those rules. It will give others an insight into you.

Write something others can use as an ice-breaker

Starting a conversation can be daunting for people. They want to sound interested but not desperate. They don’t want to be generic with “Hi, how are you?” either. So help them out. Add something others can use to break the ice: a small list of what you want to know about someone. It will give people some questions they can answer in your inbox.

Be honest — don’t try too hard

Stay true to who you are, and don’t lead on other people. It will save you many disappointments down the line. When you’re honest from the get-go, you get to meet people who accept you for your actual personality. It’s what we call a perfect match.

Explain why you’re here and what you want out of a relationship. Maybe tell people about the kind of life you live and how you want to share that with someone.

Don’t be cruel in the name of being honest

Being honest does not mean that you write statements like, “DON’T message me if you’re looking for hookups or threesomes,” or “I hate attending concerts.”

Such disclaimers are a turn-off. You can communicate such disclaimers by stating what you want or like instead of what you don’t. For example, you could say that you’re looking for a serious relationship or that you like the calm of quiet places.

You could also add that you’re open to other things as well. Again, it’s all up to you.


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