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How To Date As An Introvert

Dating is challenging for everyone, but it gets more draining when you are an introvert who already has limited social energy to spend. For introverts, dating is the complete opposite of what you love doing – sitting in the corner of your room and probably listening to K-POP. But hey, you aren’t going to find the love of your life like this. So, skim through the post and pick your dating app (don’t worry, all of them are introvert-friendly!).

1. You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

As an introvert, you already have social anxiety, and your date shouldn’t look like an evaluation night. Suppose you try to be perfect – in that case, it will only backfire, and the right option is embracing the awkward silence and minor blunders (it’s natural).

2. Show Your Strengths

Introverts often feel like a fish out of water when sitting in a restaurant with their potential spouse for a date (maybe we stretched too far?). As an introvert, you must have a lot to offer, such as incredible knowledge of exciting topics. So make that information the point of your conversation because showing and playing the strengths will make you shine bright!

3. Purposeful Conversation

Introverts are big fans of small talk, and your date might even like it, especially if the conversation is meaningful. Small talk might sound superficial to some people, but it doesn’t have to be weighty. That being said, just initiate a conversation that helps you connect with the other person and hit it off!

4. Be Comfortable

Not all dates have to be about tuxedos and black dresses, which is why you should wear something comfortable (don’t put pressure on yourself). Also, you could wear something that you like actually like and get positive vibes from.

5. Start With Online Dating

Rather than going straight to the five-star restaurant for dinner, it’s better to start with online dating (it helps develop better communication). Ranging from Bumble to Tinder, there are just so many options that you start with! Some of them are:

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