• Negative side effects of teen pregnancy on society Posted by Admin

    Teenage pregnancy is one of the biggest curses in modern society. It’s very alarming since more & more young adults and teens become parents without a choice for bright future. Most countries treat teen pregnancy as a stigma and it’s very non-welcome in developed areas.

    Teenage pregnancy has a huge and sadly negative effect on society, not only for a young mother to be but also for her parents and guardians.

    1. Illiteracy

    Most of the Teenagers getting pregnant at an early age cannot pursue their higher education due to extra responsibility and care of the baby. The education of teen mum is on hiatus, and sadly some of them never return to school. In most of the cases teens that are pregnant or already give birth rather focus on taking care of the baby and finding a partner to marry. Only in the USA one-third of teen mums can even acquire the high school diploma, and a few also get a college degree.

    2. High suicide rates

    Sad but true, some of the mums to be cannot handle the new situation. Teens are more prone to committing suicides, as the humiliations and embarrassment, and the lack of social support can trigger depression. Emotional stress, financial crisis, and lack of acceptance from society are some of the main contributing factors which might lead to suicide.

    3. Bad reputation in society

    Most of the teen mum is considered to be “easy”, “cheap” and careless if they got pregnant that easily. Sadly in most of the cases of teenage pregnancy father remains unknown and this builds more stigma. Society usually considers teenage pregnancy a social dilemma and something not acceptable, and young parents have to face huge humiliation and negative remarks from people.

    4. Emotional crisis

    After finding out to be pregnant, the teen will fight with a bunch of different and mostly negative emotions. The teen mother may suffer from huge emotional crisis due to lack of social support from family and society. Negative emotions and depression might lead to suicide or harm or abandoned the baby.

    5. Lack of financial support

    A teen mother who does not get proper financial support from her parents or friends has to face a severe financial crunch. Usually government helps teen mum-to-be but this is not a long time period help. Most of the teen mothers face extreme difficulty to buy basic items for her newborn baby like, clothing and baby care products which they cannot afford. In addition in most of the developed countries, teen mums do not have to pay the taxes, and the government has to face a huge loss of revenue.

    6. Medical complications

    Most of the teens hide their pregnancy, and put their own life and baby’s life at a huge risk. A lack of proper prenatal care often induces medical complications like high blood pressure, anaemia, and premature birth of the baby, along with disabilities or baby’s death.

    7. Worries about future

    Teen mothers cannot be certain about future, education, proper partner and a well-paid job. Most of the teens feel has a lack of knowledge about baby and pregnancy, and they are simply not ready for such a huge step in life. From now on mum-to-be need to put consideration about the baby at first place.

    Teenage pregnancy is something which governments across the world keep fighting with. Not only being pregnant at early age effect young parents and their future life but also has a great impact on government and society.

    It's highly recommended to talk with your kid about possibilities of being pregnant before its too late for any kind of preaching.

  • How to date successfully as a Teen? Posted by Admin

    Teen hood is the best time to start dating, experience with your body and find out with what kind of people you prefer to hang out with.

    Many Teens feel uncomfortable when just starting to date. They are not sure of what is expected of them on a date, how to behave and what consequences dating might bring.

    If you are just about to start dating but afraid of being rejected, trying something new and need a bit of advice, here’s what we had prepared for you!

    1. Be respectful

    Think and consider well about your partner and perfect date idea. Do what you want to do on a date but do not cross the safety line and propose something which your date might not like. If you want to be respected, you shall show respect at first.

    2. Offer to pay for the date

    Sharing the bill is a good idea but sometimes it’s nice to pay for your date. We know that teens do not have a huge amount of money but buying an ice cream won’t make a hole in your pocket but show how generous you are.

    3. Dress properly regarding you actual age

    This doesn’t mean you can’t have your own style. Being classy and dressed well is a key to attracting others. When a kid becomes a teen, dress code and fashion are the first things which change. Make sure your clothes fit well and are appropriate for the occasion. Consider being trendy, but be yourself too. Keep your own style and being an individual.

    4. Talk to your partner

    Let them know some of your interests, whether it's in movies, books, or music. Hobbies and common passions are always the best things to start a conversation. This method will keep you away from awkward silence and non-interesting topics. Keep the conversation dynamic; do not talk only about yourself.

    5. Give compliments

    Everyone likes to hear a nice word or two. Compliment how your date looks, which is always appreciated, but also compliment them on other things, such as their abilities in art or sports. Do not focus on look all the time. Is it important not to lie and give fake compliments. If you do not like something, be honest and for sure your date will appreciate that.

    6. Show your interests

    Smile often, make eye contact and try to hold your date’s hand. Those are signs that you are interested I the person and want to keep the relationship or go into a new level. Never talk to your date while browsing social media; this is a sign of total disrespect.

    Body language is the greatest way to communicate in either positive & negative way.

    7. React properly

    If your partner is not reacting well to the date, does not want to hold hands when you try, or does not converse easily, then back off for a while. There’s nothing worse than force someone to date, hold hands or even kiss. If your date seems totally not enjoying an evening with you, just cut the date off. Remember it’s not your fault since many people do not match to each other.

    Dating as a teen is a huge challenge but might be fun if you keep few things in mind: be yourself, be honest and have fun!

  • How to comfort your BBF while going through a breakup? Posted by Admin

    Going through a breakup is hard and challenging time for you and your best friend who just became single. It’s your chance as a BBF to show your understanding and be close to your playmate. Breakups in teenage life might occur problems so if you are not sure what to advice to your friend, consult it with parent or guardian.

    How to comfort your BBF while breakup?

    1.Listen, listen & listen!

    This might be most obvious teen dating advice but should be noted. We know it’s boring to hear the same stories over and over again but this will help your friend to overcome sadness. In another point she will feel “needed” and not alone, because someone is likely to listen about her breakup. By listening and talking you can both analyse why breakup happened.

    2.Distract your friend

    Let her not to think about broken heart all the time. Distract her and propose another way to spend time together. A person who goes through breakup usually has no motivation and energy to go out but actually appreciate when someone is a bit forcing about hanging out together.

    3.Be on her side

    Telling a friend what she could have done differently or how she messed up is not going to be helpful at this point. Be on her side and support. You can slightly suggest and remind time when her ex-boyfriend wasn’t that good to her.

    4.Don’t let her do stupid things she might regret later

    Usually a person with a broken heart wants a revenge and this is your role to neglect it. Do not let your BBF to do things she will regret later or things which might end up with huge consequences. For example: calling new girlfriend of an ex, and tell her names is not the best deal.

    5.Surprise her!

    Surprise your BBF with a chocolate, ticket to the cinema or just an unexpected hug. Anything works—it's the thought that counts and works great on your friend’s mood. She will feel she’s not alone in all the mess and apart of this, everyone like surprises!

    6.Give her time

    This might be another odd advice but works the best. Time is the best medicine for a broken heart. Breakups always seem less sad after some time has gone. If you feel your BBF is ready to start going out, propose to meet up for a shopping or something that she likes to do in free time. Going for a trip together is a nice idea too. She can remove bad memories by looking at breath-taking landscapes.

    7.Advice about a new date

    The best medicine apart of time is new love, new boyfriend, new playmate. You can suggest to meet up some nice boy from school or join an online community for Teens to meet new friends. She will be busy with making social relations with others and won’t think about a breakup that often.

    The breakup is not easy but happens to every Teen. It’s good to know how to deal with it and not end up in depression and social anxiety.

  • How pornography addiction affects the teenage brain? Posted by Admin

    In modern world everything is accessible and open to teens within a few clicks on the laptop or mobile device. World Wide Web is being open for a long time ago and unfortunately you can find and access things you should not watch at a certain age.

    However, out of curiosity many teens are watching porn and adult related stuff, at fewer than 18 of age. Porn does many things to teen’s brain as well as creating their behaviour as an adult. Porn addiction is a serious issue and needs to be discussed with your kid asap.

    How can porn addiction change your child’s brain?

    1. Dopamine hormone issue

    Dopamine is much needed when it comes to growing up and puberty period. This hormone is responsible for memory, attention, mood, and pleasure, which is activated whenever a person feels good. You can get that feeling with watching porn easily. When teen watching porn too often, more dopamine is made, this obviously started to be an addiction. The teen brain is most sensitive to dopamine at age of 15 and reacts up to 4 times more to images which can be exciting (like porn).

    2. Memory effect

    Aside from developing an addiction, a teenager’s memory will also be affected. When a teen is watching porn acts for too long time, it became grounded in long time memory, which in the affection of adult life, he or she will search for same (sometimes dangerous) sexual experiences.

    From another hand, memory d concentration problems while studying might show an effect in school marks.

    3. Negative self-perceptions

    World of porn is filled up with plastic and unnatural models, long penises and big breasts which are not good for being exposed to teen. While now teens are enjoying watching big boobs popping out on the screen, in future they will have a problem with self-love and acceptation of themselves, because they won't be as “perfect” as models from a favourite porn movie. Also sexual functioning in the adulthood might be decreased due to memories from the porn videos watched as a teen.

    Porn videos feature well-toned bodies, which can greatly influence a teenager’s perception of ideal physical attributes. In that case eating disorders might occur.

    4. Attention Deficit Disorder

    Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is defined as a psychological condition where a person quickly reacts on impulse, affecting the attention span. A teen who is porn addicted might search for a new (dangerous) ways to please him/ herself. This might end up in having masochistic or violent ways to get an orgasm. Teenager’s attention is disrupted as he or she keeps on looking for satisfaction instead of focusing on everyday things, studying and building social relations with others. This might lead to depression as the person cannot find new ways to feel sexual satisfaction. Social anxiety might occur as well, if the teen is not willing to make any relationships with people who are not into porn in the same way.

    Porn might be a tricky machine to capture teen’s brain into crazy roller-coaster ride with no turning back point. Once teen get porn addict, it might have huge ad negative influence on adulthood. It’s highly recommended to talk with your teen about porn with no shame.

  • Date Online Safely Posted by Admin

    Online dating is one of entertainment for teens those days. It’s easy to access and free way to enjoy life, make new friends and fall in love.

    However, it seems like Teens take everything as easy at it can be, and do not think about online dating consequences. Teens as much as their parents need to be concern about safety while being online, because every time they log into servers, leaving digital footprints it’s a great way to being hacked or become abuse victim.

    What shall all teens remember while dating online?

    1.Beware of addiction

    Not only spending too much time online can be a sign of addiction. Teens need to be careful to fall in love or like the person with whom they are talking too. Showing positive emotions to the person behind the screen without knowing much about him/ her might occur problems.

    2.Online dating site rules & law

    Be sure to check any terms & conditions before register to any online dating site, even the one targeted only to teens and young adults. Online communities can be full of deceit and lies due to the anonymity they provide. Do research and find recommendations on communities.

    3.Know that online dating is somehow “real”

    There’s always a real person behind the screen, no matter if this person is telling truth or not. Do not follow your heart over your head. Think wisely and make proper decisions. Do not make promises which you cannot keep in the real world.

    4.Be smart

    Do not act unwisely. Think well before making any decision. Take baby steps to know the person who is attractive to you. Enjoy online dating & chat but remember that this mind leads you somewhere you do not want to go.

    5.Be realistic

    It’s easy to build a relationship online, however, it might not last long enough. Do not have any high expectations that the boy you’ve just met online will be the ONE. Temper your expectations and be prepared.

    6.Take it slow

    Do not rush in your decisions, think wisely, ask your parent or guardian in the case of any doubts. Communication has gotten much faster with mobile phones, SMS, online chat, instant messaging, social media. It works great online but it’s totally different in the offline world. To build communication, trust and fundamentals of good relationship or friendship, much time is needed.

    7.Make a safety plan

    You never know what and when might get wrong. Online dating has led to kidnapping and murder more than a couple of times, so make a plan with your parents/guardians. This might be some special code between you and parent while on a date or asking for a picture with family members of the person you are supposed to meet.

    Tip for parents: Online world can be tricky for your teen. There are millions of predators out there, so put the right safeguards in effect to protect your family. Abusive behaviour has a great way to spread online. Be sure to talk to your Teen about online dating, including teen dating app, communities for young adults and how to distinguish danger and red flags. Do not be afraid to install parents control filters on the web browser and ban sites which your Teen shouldn’t see yet.