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    Online dating is most effective way to find a partner, soul mate or a good friend. Not only it gave you a bunch of functions and features you can choose from and variety of applications make your choice even more wide. Because of multiple choices to make in using social and dating applications it’s easy to make a mistake and get into the wrong one. Adults have a great ability to distinguish which apps might be good or which ones are the one to avoid. What if teenagers get into dating applications? Do they can make a good choice by choose a place to share their passion and thoughts? Internet offers so many social applications, where thousands of teenagers are being opened and share lifestyle with no shame. Here we present the most important dos and don’ts for teenagers using social and dating apps.

    1.Choose the right applications you want to join it. Read description given on app store carefully, check what the application contest it. If you are not sure if application you would like to use is proper to your age group we do recommend to ask your parent or guardian for an opinion.

    2.Be polite online. Use proper language and grammar. Be friendly and opened for making new friends online. Personal culture is your number one positive attitude in online world. If there’s some problem with another user who is trying to make you feel bad do not forget to report it to administration of the application you are using. Such behavior is forbidden and legal actions might be taken towards that person.

    3.Be careful with who you are talking to. Internet is a big, big world and you never know who you will meet on your way. Online dating/ social media applications are perfect place for being anonymous and make bad actions without any consequences. Many abusers are looking for victims online. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to particular person, better finish conversation as soon as possible.

    4.Block users for legitimate reasons. If someone is harassing you, then get out of the situation.

    5. Being your own authentic self really is important. Share your hobbies, your hopes, and your aspirations however remember not to share too many information. There’s a thin line between this and you shall be aware of that. If you don’t know what information you can show ask your parent or guardian.

    6.Think well about your picture and the way you present yourself. Don't choose a photo with a bunch of different people in it, because your potential new friends won't know which one is you.

    7. Meet a person who you known from online only in public places like cinema, coffee shop or shopping mall. If the person you are supposed to meet came out to be somebody else, there’s a possibility to escape and finish the meeting if you are in public place. If you feel unsafe during meeting time, you can ask somebody for a help.

    1. Do not use bad and offensive language even you don’t like particular person who is trying to connect with you. Nobody likes to be called with bad names and being harassed. Don’t be an “Internet Troll”, in other words don’t make bad jokes on people to provoke fights.

    2. Never give your personal data to anyone. Your personal information is precious and only you are allowed to use them in proper way. Many scam or spam companies are trying to get into people’s personal info with really bad future consequences. Giving your address or phone number to stranger is a bad idea either and might have fatal results not only for you, but your family as well.

    3. Do not catfish. Never, ever pretend to be someone else. It’s really bad and might hurt somebody’s feeling. Don't use fake pictures and don't invent a fake life. Using fake pictures is strictly forbidden since there’s a real person behind the picture you are using.

    4. Do not block other users without a reason. Don’t block someone because you think this person is ugly and you both do not match. Politely let them know you're looking for someone else.

    5.Don’t meet with person you known from online if you are not sure who this person is. There are a many bad and violent people waiting for careless teenagers to meet them and abuse. Don’t make an appointment in his/her home or abandoned place. Think about your own safety.

    Dating and social applications are great way to meet new people and have fun. However everybody, especially teenagers, should keep in mind that Internet might be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to behave. We hope our tips will help you, and your teenage kids to get acquainted with social life.

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