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    Movies are great way to entertain people in all age groups. They are widely known from vivid pictures, awesome sounds and interesting stories. Those days not many movies have educational values, however this is something what movies for teenagers should contain. Here we take a look on 10 best movies released in 2016 for teenagers.

    1. The 5th Waveis a Science fiction thriller in which there are five waves of alien attacks. Cassie Sullivan is trying to survive the alien’s invasion, while helping others. Her home town Ohio is being under control of “The Others” and this brave girl will do everything she can to protect her father and little brother from the danger. This movie teaches us about humanity and helping each other in fatal situations.

    2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is another DC live action movie targeted not only for comics fans. Batman and Superman have many in common: both are orphans, have alter egos and rescue their cities from bad villains but that doesn't mean the two are best friends. When they finally meet, chaos takes over. Will they work together to overcome troubles?

    3.The Jungle Book is another remake of Disney’s classic. Epic adventure about Mowgli, raised by a family of wolves will take you into magical world where love and friendship are on the first place.

    4.The Angry Birds Movie is a first and much anticipated cartoon based on popular mobile game with the same title. In the film adaptation, the birds live in harmony on a paradise island, until they learn of their enemy’s arrival: the pigs (well-known from mobile app too). This is highly expected and recommended comedy movie for all family.

    5.Alice through the Looking Glass 5.is a great movie not only for books fans but anybody who wants to step into magical world. When Alice falls back into Wonderland and goes on an adventure to help save the Mad Hatter. Well it’s time for a little madness.

    6.Finding Dory is highly expected sequel which will bring us under the sea. Dory, whose childhood memories are slowly returning, tries to go after and find her parents with the help of her two companions, Nemo and Marlin. Will she find her family?

    7.Ghostbusters, the iconic movie is making a comeback with a slight change. Four female scientists embark on a mission to save New York City from ghosts and supernatural beings. This will be both scary and funny comedy for all teenagers and their parents.

    8.Suicide Squad it’s another crew that's going to be super popular this year. A notorious group of super villains are working with the government on a dangerous mission in exchange for shorter prison time, but that might risk their lives. Are they really anti-heroes?

    9.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of most expecting movies by young and adult viewers. Unlike most movies this year, this film isn’t a sequel, but instead it’s a prequel. Based off of J.K Rowling’s book with the same name, this film takes place in New York City, about 70 years before Harry Potter’s story. Prepare your wands and feel the magic.

    10.Moanais a Disney’s cartoon where you will meet a new girl. The Pacific Island princess will have a different journey than most of Disney’s beauties. Not only will she be the first Polynesian princess, but she won't have a love story. Moana will go on to search for Oceania, an ancient island, and along the way meet and befriend some of her heroes. This movie is perfect picture of respect to other nations..

    Many teenage movies are going to be released this year, and we hope that you took a bit of hint what you are suppose to watch in 2016. Take your popcorn, grab cola and have fun!

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