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    You had been in relationship for a while and suddenly everything came to an end. You are confused of what happened and have more negative feelings than positive memories. However suddenly your ex-partner is trying to be nice around you and asking for a second chance. This is really hard situation to handle not only for Teens but for adults as well. In this article we will try to help you to get answer for a question: Is it worth to give a second chance to your ex?

    When it’s worth?

    The length of the relationship is a huge factor when it comes to thinking about second chance. If you were together for a years or months and split up suddenly, you might find a way to work on healing relationship.

    Feelings are still there and you cannot avoid them no matter how much you tried. All the memories you both shared together will hunt you after ending up relationship. It’s totally important to be completely honest with yourself and think if you can fight back all the memories you have.

    You tried dating somebody else but all those short romances finished as soon as they started. You still compare your ex to any other mate you’re dating. It means that there’s no clear end between you and your ex-partner and you still share a feelings to that person.

    He/She is trying really hard to get back to you and for sure you appreciate this effort. You have all the rights to feel bad and hurt after what your ex did to you however you might consider the fact that this person is trying to do her/ his best for you at the moment.

    It’s more than love and you still feel attached to this person. If you share similar future goals with your ex mate, then it’s a worth to give it a try because it’s nearly sure it’s going to work again.

    You still trust your ex despite of any bad thing she/he did to you. There’s still some bond between the two of you.

    When it’s not worth?

    If he/she cheated that there’s no guarantee that this person won’t do it again after some time. Cheating is a sign of selfishness, disrespect, and unhappiness in a relationship. There’s a saying “Once you cheat, you will cheat again”. Unless your ex mate is really sorry of his/her mistake and realize it in proper, there’s no way you two can be a happy couple again.

    If he/she was emotionally abusive towards you and manipulated you in every way, for sure there’s no chance to be happy again and we do recommend running away from such person. Being abused is illegal and if somebody did that on you, ask your parent or guardian for help.

    If he/she ever physically hurt you and not even fell sorry then it’s a clear sign there’s something wrong with that person he/she will never change. If you had been experienced any kinds of violence, contact your parent or guardian for legal help. There are also special hotlines that can help and support you

    If you have to beg for second chance and after a long time you get one, there’s nothing good coming up from that situation. You shouldn't have to beg him or her for something like that. It's a sign that it's not what your ex mate really wants, and so it's most likely not going to work out.

    If he/she lied to you multiple times without thinking of any consequences then for sure you cannot trust such person. If your ex lied to you about big stuff a lot, it's not worth trying again

    If you're desperate and you want to get back to your ex just because you don’t want to feel alone, for sure it’s not going to work out. There is a “fashion” between teens to date all the time, however dating the same person who did badly to you, only to follow a “trend” and “fashion” is not a best decision you could make. That will never make you happy.

    Personally we are a big believers in giving people a second chance however in some extremely bad cases it’s clear to say that going into the same situations over and over again is not the best idea ever.

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