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    Asking questions is both most hard and most easy thing in the world. Being a teen is not an easy game when it comes to asking questions and gets proper answers. Scientists claim that teenagers are afraid to ask questions because they don’t want to be judged by parents or guardians. Another reason why they prefer to avoid questions is being uncomfortable with themselves and ashamed of ideas they might have inside head. We are here to help you, and we are coming up with most common question that teens are afraid to ask parents.

    What I should know about losing virginity and sex?

    Sex is something magical between two people and for sure you shouldn’t have it with a person who you don’t know at all. Not only random sex might have bad consequences like unexpected pregnancy or STDs but also will have negative influence on your adultery life in the future. Before having sex be sure that you trust that person and you both discuss it. Please remember that sex is good only when you protect yourself in proper way. Always use condom. If somebody wants to have fun without it, do not accept such conditions.

    There’s no proper age to lose virginity however we do recommend not starting your sexual life until you truly feel your both body and mind are ready for it. Have an adult shaped body doesn’t mean you need to have sex already. The way how you will lose virginity will have influence on your future sexual life, that’s why first time is quite important and you shouldn’t rush with this just because your best friend already “did it”. Every person is individual and nobody can push you to have sex. Take your time and do it with proper mate in proper time.

    How to get into relationship?

    Getting into relationship is not a piece of cake. To have good relations with another person, doesn’t matter if it’s for love or friendship, you need to put a lot of trust and effort. You can’t force the person you like to be your boyfriend/ girlfriend, all you can do instead is wait and take your time. Be yourself and don’t pretend somebody who you are not. Don’t lie and don’t be rude. Be honest and interested about life. Expand your horizons and hobbies. Bright and positive people are more likely to get into relationships.

    How to recognize if I love somebody?

    Love is a complicated feeling and it’s hard to define it. Many teens are getting into relationships mostly of funny and entertainment way to spend their free time. They do not think of any kind of serious commitment; however all of them want to be loved by another person. It’s really hard to recognize if those relations between you and your mate is just a deep friendship or love. Be sure that you’re not the only one who is wondering about feelings towards another person. Since its common problem among teens we do recommend to talk with your parent or guardian about it. Open up with your feelings and don’t be ashamed to say what’s on your mind. There’s nothing wrong in being in love.

    What do you really think about my friends/mate?

    Choosing friends is crucial part in growing up. While making friends we define ourselves as people and part of social environment. Having friends is part of natural growing up process and making connections between people. Teens have a tendency to choose wrong friends or people who do not fit them that’s why talking to your parent about people you meet is important. You will avoid making bad choices and get in touch with people who can hurt you. Asking parents what they really think about your mates is not bad idea at all since they are more experienced in making social connections. If you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, don’t be afraid to talk about this with your mom or dad and introduce your partner in proper time. It’s important and can make your parents feel a better connection between you both.

    Do you stalk me of social media?

    Many Teens are engaged into social media since its popular and trendy way to spend free time. Unfortunately not many of them feel safe since they have obsession of being stalked by parents. Do parents really check what their kids post on SNS? Well we cannot have 100% accurate answer to this but it’s common that parents do check their kids on social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Please be assured that your parents or guardians don’t do it to have fun but to protect you if something bad will happen. Internet is a place where many abusers are waiting for victims and trying to be friends with them at first.

    Having your parent control you on social media is good way to prevent any kind of problems.

    Was I a “surprise” or you actually planned to have me?

    Unexpected pregnancy is a common problem in modern world and might be causes by many factors. Actually asking your parents if you were a planned kid or non-expected one is really hard to discuss. You might feel ashamed and embarrassed and we do understand you. Asking parents about their sexual life is not easy and might bring many negative feelings to you towards love and relationships. However being open about it might help your parents to start discuss sexual related topics. Be sure that your mom and dad also find it hard to start educate you about sex life.

    Questions can make you confused, ashamed, embarrassed however asking them are going to help you be better and more experienced person and for sure it will have positive influence in your mature life in future.

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