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    Online dating is one of entertainment for teens those days. It’s easy to access and free way to enjoy life, make new friends and fall in love.

    However, it seems like Teens take everything as easy at it can be, and do not think about online dating consequences. Teens as much as their parents need to be concern about safety while being online, because every time they log into servers, leaving digital footprints it’s a great way to being hacked or become abuse victim.

    What shall all teens remember while dating online?

    1.Beware of addiction

    Not only spending too much time online can be a sign of addiction. Teens need to be careful to fall in love or like the person with whom they are talking too. Showing positive emotions to the person behind the screen without knowing much about him/ her might occur problems.

    2.Online dating site rules & law

    Be sure to check any terms & conditions before register to any online dating site, even the one targeted only to teens and young adults. Online communities can be full of deceit and lies due to the anonymity they provide. Do research and find recommendations on communities.

    3.Know that online dating is somehow “real”

    There’s always a real person behind the screen, no matter if this person is telling truth or not. Do not follow your heart over your head. Think wisely and make proper decisions. Do not make promises which you cannot keep in the real world.

    4.Be smart

    Do not act unwisely. Think well before making any decision. Take baby steps to know the person who is attractive to you. Enjoy online dating & chat but remember that this mind leads you somewhere you do not want to go.

    5.Be realistic

    It’s easy to build a relationship online, however, it might not last long enough. Do not have any high expectations that the boy you’ve just met online will be the ONE. Temper your expectations and be prepared.

    6.Take it slow

    Do not rush in your decisions, think wisely, ask your parent or guardian in the case of any doubts. Communication has gotten much faster with mobile phones, SMS, online chat, instant messaging, social media. It works great online but it’s totally different in the offline world. To build communication, trust and fundamentals of good relationship or friendship, much time is needed.

    7.Make a safety plan

    You never know what and when might get wrong. Online dating has led to kidnapping and murder more than a couple of times, so make a plan with your parents/guardians. This might be some special code between you and parent while on a date or asking for a picture with family members of the person you are supposed to meet.

    Tip for parents: Online world can be tricky for your teen. There are millions of predators out there, so put the right safeguards in effect to protect your family. Abusive behaviour has a great way to spread online. Be sure to talk to your Teen about online dating, including teen dating app, communities for young adults and how to distinguish danger and red flags. Do not be afraid to install parents control filters on the web browser and ban sites which your Teen shouldn’t see yet.

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