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    In modern world everything is accessible and open to teens within a few clicks on the laptop or mobile device. World Wide Web is being open for a long time ago and unfortunately you can find and access things you should not watch at a certain age.

    However, out of curiosity many teens are watching porn and adult related stuff, at fewer than 18 of age. Porn does many things to teen’s brain as well as creating their behaviour as an adult. Porn addiction is a serious issue and needs to be discussed with your kid asap.

    How can porn addiction change your child’s brain?

    1. Dopamine hormone issue

    Dopamine is much needed when it comes to growing up and puberty period. This hormone is responsible for memory, attention, mood, and pleasure, which is activated whenever a person feels good. You can get that feeling with watching porn easily. When teen watching porn too often, more dopamine is made, this obviously started to be an addiction. The teen brain is most sensitive to dopamine at age of 15 and reacts up to 4 times more to images which can be exciting (like porn).

    2. Memory effect

    Aside from developing an addiction, a teenager’s memory will also be affected. When a teen is watching porn acts for too long time, it became grounded in long time memory, which in the affection of adult life, he or she will search for same (sometimes dangerous) sexual experiences.

    From another hand, memory d concentration problems while studying might show an effect in school marks.

    3. Negative self-perceptions

    World of porn is filled up with plastic and unnatural models, long penises and big breasts which are not good for being exposed to teen. While now teens are enjoying watching big boobs popping out on the screen, in future they will have a problem with self-love and acceptation of themselves, because they won't be as “perfect” as models from a favourite porn movie. Also sexual functioning in the adulthood might be decreased due to memories from the porn videos watched as a teen.

    Porn videos feature well-toned bodies, which can greatly influence a teenager’s perception of ideal physical attributes. In that case eating disorders might occur.

    4. Attention Deficit Disorder

    Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is defined as a psychological condition where a person quickly reacts on impulse, affecting the attention span. A teen who is porn addicted might search for a new (dangerous) ways to please him/ herself. This might end up in having masochistic or violent ways to get an orgasm. Teenager’s attention is disrupted as he or she keeps on looking for satisfaction instead of focusing on everyday things, studying and building social relations with others. This might lead to depression as the person cannot find new ways to feel sexual satisfaction. Social anxiety might occur as well, if the teen is not willing to make any relationships with people who are not into porn in the same way.

    Porn might be a tricky machine to capture teen’s brain into crazy roller-coaster ride with no turning back point. Once teen get porn addict, it might have huge ad negative influence on adulthood. It’s highly recommended to talk with your teen about porn with no shame.

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