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    Going through a breakup is hard and challenging time for you and your best friend who just became single. It’s your chance as a BBF to show your understanding and be close to your playmate. Breakups in teenage life might occur problems so if you are not sure what to advice to your friend, consult it with parent or guardian.

    How to comfort your BBF while breakup?

    1.Listen, listen & listen!

    This might be most obvious teen dating advice but should be noted. We know it’s boring to hear the same stories over and over again but this will help your friend to overcome sadness. In another point she will feel “needed” and not alone, because someone is likely to listen about her breakup. By listening and talking you can both analyse why breakup happened.

    2.Distract your friend

    Let her not to think about broken heart all the time. Distract her and propose another way to spend time together. A person who goes through breakup usually has no motivation and energy to go out but actually appreciate when someone is a bit forcing about hanging out together.

    3.Be on her side

    Telling a friend what she could have done differently or how she messed up is not going to be helpful at this point. Be on her side and support. You can slightly suggest and remind time when her ex-boyfriend wasn’t that good to her.

    4.Don’t let her do stupid things she might regret later

    Usually a person with a broken heart wants a revenge and this is your role to neglect it. Do not let your BBF to do things she will regret later or things which might end up with huge consequences. For example: calling new girlfriend of an ex, and tell her names is not the best deal.

    5.Surprise her!

    Surprise your BBF with a chocolate, ticket to the cinema or just an unexpected hug. Anything works—it's the thought that counts and works great on your friend’s mood. She will feel she’s not alone in all the mess and apart of this, everyone like surprises!

    6.Give her time

    This might be another odd advice but works the best. Time is the best medicine for a broken heart. Breakups always seem less sad after some time has gone. If you feel your BBF is ready to start going out, propose to meet up for a shopping or something that she likes to do in free time. Going for a trip together is a nice idea too. She can remove bad memories by looking at breath-taking landscapes.

    7.Advice about a new date

    The best medicine apart of time is new love, new boyfriend, new playmate. You can suggest to meet up some nice boy from school or join an online community for Teens to meet new friends. She will be busy with making social relations with others and won’t think about a breakup that often.

    The breakup is not easy but happens to every Teen. It’s good to know how to deal with it and not end up in depression and social anxiety.

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