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    Teen hood is the best time to start dating, experience with your body and find out with what kind of people you prefer to hang out with.

    Many Teens feel uncomfortable when just starting to date. They are not sure of what is expected of them on a date, how to behave and what consequences dating might bring.

    If you are just about to start dating but afraid of being rejected, trying something new and need a bit of advice, here’s what we had prepared for you!

    1. Be respectful

    Think and consider well about your partner and perfect date idea. Do what you want to do on a date but do not cross the safety line and propose something which your date might not like. If you want to be respected, you shall show respect at first.

    2. Offer to pay for the date

    Sharing the bill is a good idea but sometimes it’s nice to pay for your date. We know that teens do not have a huge amount of money but buying an ice cream won’t make a hole in your pocket but show how generous you are.

    3. Dress properly regarding you actual age

    This doesn’t mean you can’t have your own style. Being classy and dressed well is a key to attracting others. When a kid becomes a teen, dress code and fashion are the first things which change. Make sure your clothes fit well and are appropriate for the occasion. Consider being trendy, but be yourself too. Keep your own style and being an individual.

    4. Talk to your partner

    Let them know some of your interests, whether it's in movies, books, or music. Hobbies and common passions are always the best things to start a conversation. This method will keep you away from awkward silence and non-interesting topics. Keep the conversation dynamic; do not talk only about yourself.

    5. Give compliments

    Everyone likes to hear a nice word or two. Compliment how your date looks, which is always appreciated, but also compliment them on other things, such as their abilities in art or sports. Do not focus on look all the time. Is it important not to lie and give fake compliments. If you do not like something, be honest and for sure your date will appreciate that.

    6. Show your interests

    Smile often, make eye contact and try to hold your date’s hand. Those are signs that you are interested I the person and want to keep the relationship or go into a new level. Never talk to your date while browsing social media; this is a sign of total disrespect.

    Body language is the greatest way to communicate in either positive & negative way.

    7. React properly

    If your partner is not reacting well to the date, does not want to hold hands when you try, or does not converse easily, then back off for a while. There’s nothing worse than force someone to date, hold hands or even kiss. If your date seems totally not enjoying an evening with you, just cut the date off. Remember it’s not your fault since many people do not match to each other.

    Dating as a teen is a huge challenge but might be fun if you keep few things in mind: be yourself, be honest and have fun!

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