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    Teenage pregnancy is one of the biggest curses in modern society. It’s very alarming since more & more young adults and teens become parents without a choice for bright future. Most countries treat teen pregnancy as a stigma and it’s very non-welcome in developed areas.

    Teenage pregnancy has a huge and sadly negative effect on society, not only for a young mother to be but also for her parents and guardians.

    1. Illiteracy

    Most of the Teenagers getting pregnant at an early age cannot pursue their higher education due to extra responsibility and care of the baby. The education of teen mum is on hiatus, and sadly some of them never return to school. In most of the cases teens that are pregnant or already give birth rather focus on taking care of the baby and finding a partner to marry. Only in the USA one-third of teen mums can even acquire the high school diploma, and a few also get a college degree.

    2. High suicide rates

    Sad but true, some of the mums to be cannot handle the new situation. Teens are more prone to committing suicides, as the humiliations and embarrassment, and the lack of social support can trigger depression. Emotional stress, financial crisis, and lack of acceptance from society are some of the main contributing factors which might lead to suicide.

    3. Bad reputation in society

    Most of the teen mum is considered to be “easy”, “cheap” and careless if they got pregnant that easily. Sadly in most of the cases of teenage pregnancy father remains unknown and this builds more stigma. Society usually considers teenage pregnancy a social dilemma and something not acceptable, and young parents have to face huge humiliation and negative remarks from people.

    4. Emotional crisis

    After finding out to be pregnant, the teen will fight with a bunch of different and mostly negative emotions. The teen mother may suffer from huge emotional crisis due to lack of social support from family and society. Negative emotions and depression might lead to suicide or harm or abandoned the baby.

    5. Lack of financial support

    A teen mother who does not get proper financial support from her parents or friends has to face a severe financial crunch. Usually government helps teen mum-to-be but this is not a long time period help. Most of the teen mothers face extreme difficulty to buy basic items for her newborn baby like, clothing and baby care products which they cannot afford. In addition in most of the developed countries, teen mums do not have to pay the taxes, and the government has to face a huge loss of revenue.

    6. Medical complications

    Most of the teens hide their pregnancy, and put their own life and baby’s life at a huge risk. A lack of proper prenatal care often induces medical complications like high blood pressure, anaemia, and premature birth of the baby, along with disabilities or baby’s death.

    7. Worries about future

    Teen mothers cannot be certain about future, education, proper partner and a well-paid job. Most of the teens feel has a lack of knowledge about baby and pregnancy, and they are simply not ready for such a huge step in life. From now on mum-to-be need to put consideration about the baby at first place.

    Teenage pregnancy is something which governments across the world keep fighting with. Not only being pregnant at early age effect young parents and their future life but also has a great impact on government and society.

    It's highly recommended to talk with your kid about possibilities of being pregnant before its too late for any kind of preaching.

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