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    Condoms are the greatest thing to ever happen in the history of sex. Not only prevent you from unexpected pregnancy but secure your body from any sexual diseases (called as STDs) such as: chlamydia, genital herpes, HIV, syphilis and many more. Regarding to great condoms advantages there’s a main question: "How much do teens know about condoms?”. Studies shows that only 3 per 10 teenagers knows what exactly condom is and what kind of protection it brings to sexual life. In this article we present most important and interesting facts about condoms.

    1. Condoms have different sizes. Getting the right size condom is crucial so the condom doesn’t slide off or tear during sex. Make sure to talk to your partner before buying condoms or look at a condom sizing chart.

    2. Keep the proper storage. Give a thought on how to store condoms. Giving a place for condom in your wallet is not a greatest idea ever. Condoms do not like hot temperatures and after few months in your pocket latex will be damaged. Keep them in room temperature in a drawer or any kind of storage away from humid and extreme temperatures.

    3. Keep the proper usage. Do not try to rip condom’s package with your teeth since you might damage latex without a notice. Put a condom only on erect penis. If you fail, don’t be worried to start over again with NEW condom. Never re-use condoms. Condoms only work well if you use them in a correct way.

    4. Various condoms. There are many condoms on the market. They come with different sizes, shapes, colours, scents. Before buying a package or two, be sure what kind of condom will be best for you and your partner. Do not be afraid and talk it over.

    5. Condoms aren’t only for vaginal sex. If you’re using condoms for STD protection, don’t limit them to vaginal sex – STDs can be transmitted by oral sex, anal sex, and even sex toys.

    6. Condoms do not ruin sex. It’s a popular myth between teenagers that condoms have big influence on sex’s quality. That’s not true. What’s more likely to ruin sex is a lack of communication – which probably goes hand in hand with a lack of experimentation.

    7. They are perfect. Condoms basically haven't been redesigned since they were invented which means they do the right job now and ever.

    8. Education about condoms. Only a third of high school students are taught how to use a condom properly. Teens who are shown proper condom use and get proper sexual education are more likely to use condoms in the future. If you don’t know how to use condom do not be afraid to talk about it with your parent, guardian or educator.

    9. Celebrities involved. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation actually offers up $100,000 grants to people trying to make better condoms and educate teens, Young Adults and Adults in this matter.

    10.Women condom. Condoms are not designed for males only. There’s a female condoms as well and they can be put inside vagina up to 8 hours before sex.

    11. Lubricant helps. External lubricants are meant to ease sex. However, bear in mind that you can only use water-based lubricants with condoms – if you’re using oil or petroleum-based products they can react with the condom, render the latex and damage it.

    12.Condom’s damage. What shall you do if condom breaks? If it’s before intercourse, obviously you start afresh with a new one. Never re-use condoms. If it’s in the middle of things, you must wash yourself immediately and thoroughly. A viable option is to take an emergency contraceptive pill however this is not the best solution since repeated consumption can really mess around with your hormonal cycle. You can also take a home pregnancy test (approximately 21 days after the event). Don’t forget to get yourself tested for STDs . If you notice that this has happened more than once with the same brand or variant of condom, best to switch to a different one And you must ALWAYS check the expiry date of a condom before using it. If you use an expired one, all bets are off.

  • Is it love or just friendship? Posted by Admin

    Is it love or just friendship? This is the hardest question everyone asks in the crucial life’s moments. You had been friends with somebody who they like a lot and suddenly some hard to describe feeling are coming out. You're up all night wondering what exactly this person meant in that conversation you had that afternoon, did she/he tried to caught your eyes, why did you dream about that person last night. Seems familiar right? No matter what the reason is, it’s perfect time to dig a bit more into your feelings and try to answer the question and face the truth. In this article we will present a few teen tips to help you differentiate between love and friendship.

    Signs for friendship:

    You feel truly happy if your friend is dating someone and do not find it as a problem or reason to be jealous. If your close friend is telling that she/he found a perfect date and you feel happy and supportive about it, then well it’s a dead end of love and for sure there’s only a friendship between both of you. If you feel jealous or angry that your friend is going to have a date, then you should have an honest talk about it.

    You feel comfortable around your friend at all times no matter of situation. That includes farts and any other unpleasant behavior. No makeup or no shower day as well. If you feel good around your mate and do not feel ashamed then it’s a true signs of real friendship.

    You can go a few days without talking and you’re okay with this. If you are not that much curious about where your friend is right now, what she/he is doing and why you do not receive a message from that person then probably you’re only friends. Friends or even good friends can be out of touch for few days or even weeks without worrying about each other.

    Everyone around you knows you're just friends. Doesn’t matter if you are longtime friends or your friendship just started, some of signs are so clear and screaming at other people that you and your ate are just friends. If you clear this up you will avoid any uncomfortable questions from the others, and improve your chances of having a real date.

    Signs for love:

    You're never happy with your friend's date, girlfriend/boyfriend and you feel jealous. Have you found that every person your friend has ever introduced to you has been too stupid, ugly, cocky, annoying, frivolous, or just plain not good enough for a friend of yours? If so, then you might be in love with your friend but you’ve been trapped in a friend zone.

    You feel awkward or nervous around your friend. You feel ashamed and your hands are sweating when you see your friend coming up to you, or pass you by. However you feel like it’s all been normal a few weeks ago. You find yourself thinking way too much what to say, what to do and what to show without being judged. The point of not feeling comfy with your friend anymore is a sign that you want something else than a friendship.

    You wonder constantly what he or she is up to. Instead of old friends rule where even you don’t keep in touch for few days things are normal between you and your mate, you start to worry and thinking deeply most of the part of the day what she/he is doing, who she/he is going to meet or having for lunch.

    You're super overprotective of your friend. As we mention above you start thinking about your friend all day, and when you can’t see him/her, you’re going crazy. Being overprotective and over reacting for any kind of situation, even those slightly dangerous can lead you to one conclusion. However it’s good to worry about a friend but if you feel an over whelming protection you might be fallen in love.

    You have to talk to each other at least once a day. Do you have to contact your friend as soon as you wake up, call him/her whenever you have a break at school, meet him/her every day or at least few times per week and you’re going insane if you have no idea what your mate is doing? This is clear sign of being in love with that person. However too often contacts with non-important reasons might destroy your friendship right away.

    Everyone is asking if you're dating or in love. There’s no clear relation between two of you and people are asking uncomfortable questions. Everyone can see chemistry between you two, and think it’s only a matter of time when you guys start dating for real.

    Finding out if it’s love or just friendship is not an easiest matter for teenagers however if you analyze your behavior toward a friend using our tips, for sure sooner or later you will be able to figure out what’s your feelings are. We do recommend to keep things easy and just be yourself. If it’s love, you will realize this in proper moment. If it’s just a friendship take care of it in the best way you can do.

  • How to treat your step parent in your teen life Posted by Admin

    Adjusting to your parents’ divorce and accept this can be difficult period, especially if they remarry. Suddenly, you have a new stepparent, and possibly even step-siblings. This creates a period of uncomfortable and dramatic changes in your life which you have to deal by your own. Of course you can ask for help but it’s you who have to adjust to current situation. We know how hard it might be that’s why we would like to give you some tips how to treat your step parent for teenagers.

    Coping With Step Parents. First of all you should know that even your step parent if a part of your family now, it won’t make you both be best friends in few days. It needs time, and lots of understanding. What’s more it’s natural that your relations with step parents won’t be same and that close as your relations with biological parent. Don’t be afraid to speak loudly what you expect from your step parent and how they should treat you. If you prefer to call them as “mom” and “dad” it’s totally okay but don’t force yourself to do it. Let your stepparent know if you are uncomfortable in any situation which they create. If you’re not ready to get hugs and kiss from them, alert it immediately however don’t be mean of angry. Try to explain kindly that you’re not ready for such type of commitment yet. Let your biological parent help you to get settle down in new situation. Communicating that you want to do your best to get to know your stepparent will improve your relationship with your biological parent as well as step one. Give your step parent time to get into new family. Try to understand his/her situation since they always feel uncomfortable in front of “new kid”. Be sure they your step parent also have hard time since it’s something new for him/her especially if this person didn’t have kids before. Your step parents might not know how to behave in front of you at first but everything will come in proper time. We do recommend being friends with your step parent and accept him/her as a new family member.

    Avoiding Common Mistakes. Most common mistakes might ruin your relations with step parent as well as biological one. As teenagers, try to avoid gossip about your’ family new situation. If you notice some bad behaviors around your step parents do not comment back. Focus on their positives instead. When it comes for money try not to ask your step parent for small cash. He/she also need a time to adjust into new situation to treat you like biological kid and you cannot see your step parent as an “extra wallet”. This will ruin your relations immediately. Don’t be rude and not expect your stepparent to allow you to act naughty because he or she is not your biological parent. What’s more you need to realize and accept that your step parent is different than your biological one. Your step parent might not allow you to do things which your biological parents let you to do easily. Don't make assumptions about how your step parent will behave or react. If you feel like having a break ask for some alone time with your biological family. Ask your parent to do some things only the two of you. You shouldn't try to exclude your step parent but a time alone with your biological family is a good idea too.

    Accept new family member. Acceptation is the most important here. Without feeling right emotions to your step parent nothing will work for both of you. Try to understand and give a helpful hand to your new parent in every, even not comfortable, situation.

    Having a step parent might be hard and challenging situation at first but we assumed that after time passing by you can create strong bond and reliable relation between both of you.

  • How to deal with your body changes while growing up (For Girls) Posted by Admin

    Growing up is a very complicated period of time when your body is changing a lot. From a little girl you will become a mature woman in a matter of time. Your mind is going to have a specific change too. You will be no more interested in playing toys but get more into social commitments. We assume growing up might be a hard and challenging time that’s why we prepared a few tips how to deal with your body when it’s time for changes.

    Learn to remove body hair. Girls begin growing hair on their arms, legs, and around their pubic areas during puberty. It’s your personal choice to remove it or leave it however many Teen girls prefer to shave it right after it’s going to appear. There’s many ways to remove body hair along with traditional shaving with manual razor or waxing. There are also some special chemical creams to help you remove unnecessary hair. However having a body hair is a natural process and there’s nothing be ashamed of.

    Get a bra. As soon as you get into puberty your breasts are going to develop. Ask your mom or guardian to help you buying one. Getting a good fit bra is an important issue because it will have an influence on your breasts condition in the future. Also please do not be worry if one breast is going to develop faster than the other one. Most of women have no identical breasts and it’s normal.

    Be prepared for your first period. Period is something which defines women and it’s needed to be a mother in the future. Having a first period might be scary and painful but it’s much easier if you are ready for it. While having period you either need to use a pad or tampon to protect yourself from blood flowing out from your vagina. Always carry a spare pair of underwear with you and obviously a sanitary pad or tampon. Even if you get period outside home, for example at school, you will be well prepared for this. Don’t be afraid to talk about menstruation with your mom since she knows best how to deal with period and ovary cramps while bleeding. Don’t be afraid if you occasionally have a clear or white discharge in your underwear. It’s a normal thing and it means your hormones are working properly.

    Accept weight gain. In addition to breast development girls will experience other physical changes to the shape of their bodies. It is normal and healthy for girls to gain weight and become curvier especially in hips area. Do not try to prevent it with any kind of diet. It’s not going to work well for your body and it’s very unhealthy.

    Treat acne. During puberty, you skin will start changing due to hormonal changes, and this may cause you to get acne. Also you will notice that your skin is getting more dry or oily than before. Applying special cream or cleaning your face every day with acne treatment’s cosmetics will help you deal with breakouts and moisture your skin.

    Deal with body odor. When you go through puberty, you will probably notice that you start to sweat more and have more body odor. This might happen especially while period since vagina and blood have specific smell during that time. This is natural thing but there’s some way to feel fresh all the time. Try to take shower twice a day, in the morning and before you go to bed. There’s many cosmetic and deodorants contain antiperspirants available in local drugstores. Be sure to buy some of them. Your hair might become oily so try to wash them more often as well. While having period be sure to change sanitary pad or tampon every 2-3 hours.

  • How to deal with your body changes while growing up. (For Boys) Posted by Admin

    Puberty is an awkward and confusing time for many young people. Most of them are unsure how to deal with it and copy with growing up problems that will appear. While this period you will notice many changes in your body and mind but don’t worry there all normal and everybody go thought it. Knowing what to expect definitely will help you while puberty that’s why we prepared an article to give you few tips how to deal with your body changes.

    Cope with a changing voice. As boys go through puberty, their voices become deeper. This occurs because the larynx and the vocal cords are growing rapidly. Unfortunately during this time you might find out that your voice is different, breaks easily and squeaks unexpectedly. There’s nothing you can do about this since its natural growing up process and every boy need to get through it.

    Start shaving. At some point during puberty, you will notice that you start to grow hair on your chin and above your upper lip. At first those hair are going to be weak and almost non noticeable but during growing up period it will become more strong and dark. Then you can consider starting shaving. It’s a good idea to ask your dad or male guardian about this, and get some proper recommendations to remove face hair. Manual or electric razors works perfectly however you need some time to get acquainted with those items. You’re going to have hair under your arms and around your penis. You might leave those hairs or wax them if they bother you.

    Expect erections. As boys go through puberty, they typically begin to experience erections, which is when the penis becomes hard because it is filled with blood. These can happen unexpectedly, so don't be too worried about it. There’s nothing wrong with you or it doesn’t mean that you have sexual fantasies in your head all the time. You will also notice that your penis and testicle are growing during puberty. Do not worry about your penis size and for sure do not compare it with your male friends. If your testicle is going to grow faster than other one, don’t be alarmed.

    Realize wet dreams are normal. In addition to erections during the day you might experience wet dreams at night. This happens when you get an erection while sleeping and ejaculate, with sperm, without notice it. This is a perfectly normal stage of body development, and it will stop when you get older.

    Don’t be afraid over breast growing. As you go through puberty you will notice that your muscles become bigger and your breasts grow as well. This is perfectly normal and has everything to do with your hormones.

    Expect overall growth. Along with gain weight you will probably grow several inches during this time. Some Teens gain weight before they grow up so you might be a little bit chubby at first. If you want to keep your body shape in a good form, we recommend you to start doing sport activities.