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    Movies are great way to entertain people in all age groups. They are widely known from vivid pictures, awesome sounds and interesting stories. Those days not many movies have educational values, however this is something what movies for teenagers should contain. Here we take a look on 10 best movies released in 2016 for teenagers.

    1. The 5th Waveis a Science fiction thriller in which there are five waves of alien attacks. Cassie Sullivan is trying to survive the alien’s invasion, while helping others. Her home town Ohio is being under control of “The Others” and this brave girl will do everything she can to protect her father and little brother from the danger. This movie teaches us about humanity and helping each other in fatal situations.

    2. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is another DC live action movie targeted not only for comics fans. Batman and Superman have many in common: both are orphans, have alter egos and rescue their cities from bad villains but that doesn't mean the two are best friends. When they finally meet, chaos takes over. Will they work together to overcome troubles?

    3.The Jungle Book is another remake of Disney’s classic. Epic adventure about Mowgli, raised by a family of wolves will take you into magical world where love and friendship are on the first place.

    4.The Angry Birds Movie is a first and much anticipated cartoon based on popular mobile game with the same title. In the film adaptation, the birds live in harmony on a paradise island, until they learn of their enemy’s arrival: the pigs (well-known from mobile app too). This is highly expected and recommended comedy movie for all family.

    5.Alice through the Looking Glass 5.is a great movie not only for books fans but anybody who wants to step into magical world. When Alice falls back into Wonderland and goes on an adventure to help save the Mad Hatter. Well it’s time for a little madness.

    6.Finding Dory is highly expected sequel which will bring us under the sea. Dory, whose childhood memories are slowly returning, tries to go after and find her parents with the help of her two companions, Nemo and Marlin. Will she find her family?

    7.Ghostbusters, the iconic movie is making a comeback with a slight change. Four female scientists embark on a mission to save New York City from ghosts and supernatural beings. This will be both scary and funny comedy for all teenagers and their parents.

    8.Suicide Squad it’s another crew that's going to be super popular this year. A notorious group of super villains are working with the government on a dangerous mission in exchange for shorter prison time, but that might risk their lives. Are they really anti-heroes?

    9.Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is one of most expecting movies by young and adult viewers. Unlike most movies this year, this film isn’t a sequel, but instead it’s a prequel. Based off of J.K Rowling’s book with the same name, this film takes place in New York City, about 70 years before Harry Potter’s story. Prepare your wands and feel the magic.

    10.Moanais a Disney’s cartoon where you will meet a new girl. The Pacific Island princess will have a different journey than most of Disney’s beauties. Not only will she be the first Polynesian princess, but she won't have a love story. Moana will go on to search for Oceania, an ancient island, and along the way meet and befriend some of her heroes. This movie is perfect picture of respect to other nations..

    Many teenage movies are going to be released this year, and we hope that you took a bit of hint what you are suppose to watch in 2016. Take your popcorn, grab cola and have fun!

  • 10 best games 2016 for teenagers Posted by Admin

    Gaming world is something which can move you into any world you want. Some of games have positive values, some of them not. Some of them are free and some of them need to be paid. Teenagers shall choose games they are willing to play in careful way because some of them might have forbidden content. Here we present 10 best video games for teenagers in 2016.

    1. Day of the Tentacle Remastered, it's a new version of popular find and click video games released back in 1993. The player takes control of the three characters and solves puzzles while using time travel to explore different periods of history. Game will be available on PC and PS4.

    2.Final Fantasy XV is one of most expected games this year. The game takes place on Eos, a world similar to modern-day Earth which we shall protect. Game will be available on PS4 and Xbox.

    3.The Legend of Zelda is a well-known game for compact Nintendo DS fans which is coming now on other platforms with better graphics and design. Giving players a huge world to explore at their leisure, whether on foot or horseback. Game will be available on Nintendo Wii.

    4.Manifold Garden is a totally new style of gaming. It's a game that lets you manipulate gravity so that you can walk on just about any surface and perfect way to entertain small scientists. Game will be available on PC and PS4.

    5.Pokemon Go, is a great game of all cute mosters' fans. Unlike like other Pokemon games, this time we will bring Pokemon into the real world to capture and battle. Game will be available on IOS and Android systems.

    6.Ratchet & Clank isn't extremely new but rather a remastered version of the game back in 2012. With better graphics and funny jokes hidden inside it’s a great way to keep yourself entertain. Game will be available on PS4.

    7.What Remains of Edith Finch is a sentimental game with awesome graphics. It's "a collection of short stories about a cursed family in Washington state” and players need to find out that's the curse. Game will be available on PS4.

    8.Persona 5 is a game that follows the exploits Japanese high school students who have the power to summon creatures and fight off evil monsters. The games themselves are a cross between a traditional RPG and a life, forcing you to balance monster slaying with school work and a social life. Game will be available on PS3 and PS4.

    9.Hyrule Warriors Legends is a nice and easy to play game for teenagers of all age. Released firstly on Nintendo Wii was a huge surprise for its users. Now the game gives you the epic and magical locations of The Legend of Zelda. Game will be available on Nintendo 3DS.

    10.Gravity Rush 2 is second part of well-known game with same title released few years ago. It'ss a combat action game which takes place in a magical world. Fighting enemies never had been that fun. Game will be available on PS4.

    Virtual gaming world for teenagers is a great opportunity to train your brain, imagination and have fun at the same time. Doesn't matter if you are "computer geek" or just want to have some entertain, you definitely should check out the video games we had mention above. Get your computer on and have fun!

  • Best teenage romances in all times Posted by Admin

    This is not a lie, when we are going to tell you that teenage romances do exist, and they keep strong and alive despite of time passing by. True love does exist even when it comes to Teens life. In this countdown we would like to present best teenage romances in all time. Prepare tissues because some of them are going to make you share a tear.

    1. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth. They met each other on the movie set back in 2000. After filming The Last Song the two become inseparable and fall in love quite quickly. Despite many ups and downs and time passing by their love still seems to be strong and they are engaged now planning the wedding in near future.

    2.Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. This couple dated each other for over 2 years before their relationship came to a dramatic end. Sadly after breaking up they started to blame and avoid each other and write sad, love songs about their broken hearts.

    3.Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. High School Musical co-stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens began dating in 2007, when he was 19, she 18. Despite the fact that they looked absolutely perfect in photos together, the two split in late 2010. It was big shock for many Teens since this couple had been predicted by many to have a happy end.

    4.Kirsten Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Those two teenage sweethearts met each other on the movie set for Twilight back in 2007. The chemistry between them on the movie set leaded them to become a couple in the real word. The couple stayed strong for a few years and planned to get married. Unfortunately this love ended due to Kirsten Stewart’s cheating romance.

    5.Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. This couple had been best of best teenage dating couples in the Hollywood world. Even it’s been over 10 years since their love finished, still they are most remembered couple in all times. Couple met back in 90’s in the Mickey Mouse Club and started to date when Britney was on the top of Billboard list and Justin was a promised young singer in boys’ band called N-Sync. Unfortunately despite of many wedding plans couple broke up, and no one knows exactly what happened between them. After all this years they still remain friends.

    6.Julia and Romeo. You might be wondering what this famous Shakespeare’s drama couple is doing here but for us this is the best teen romance in all time. When Romeo fell in love with Julia, they had been approximately only 16 and 14 years old. Everybody knows the story and everybody knows how the story ends however this is great example of brave and mature love of young people. However we think it might have better and happier ending.

    As we mentioned before teenage love exists and can be strong despite of young age. Sadly most of Teen loves do not last forever and had bad endings, but for sure falling in love as a teenager is one of best things which people can experience and for sure will give you best memories for many, many years.

  • How to avoid teen’s dating violence Posted by Admin

    Dating is one of the most popular activities not only along adults but teenagers as well. Many people regardless to our times are asking the same question over and over again: “When it’s proper time to start dating?” and nobody could give a exact answer for that question yet that’s why teenage dating is not prohibited but shall be done with great caution. There’s too many worldwide report about teen’s dating violence but unfortunately not that many social programs how to avoid it. In this article we would like gather Teenber users’ attention on few important matters how to keep safe while dating.

    First of all let’s take a closer look on what dating violence really is. Dating violence includes any behaviour that is used to manipulate, gain control, gain power; cause fear, or make a dating partner feel bad about himself or herself. Teens who experience abuse are more likely to be in fights or bring weapons to school, have higher rates of drug and alcohol abuse, and engage in high-risk sexual behaviours.

    Tips how to avoid teen’s dating violence:

    1. Talk to someone. Teens who are getting into violent relationship need a help hand immediately and talking to somebody is the best step you might take at first. Whenever or not you experience dating violence proper targeted talk is a great way to avoid further abusive behaviour.

    2. Educate yourself. It’s easier to avoid dating violence if you know the signs to look for and it’s characteristic. If you notice controlling behaviour, sudden mood changes or threats of violence from your significant partner or friend, get help immediately.

    3. Be aware of alcohol and drugs. Popular rape drugs are often slipped into people’s drinks, so be careful when consuming alcohol, especially in public places. Do not leave your glass alone and take it always with you even if you go to toilet. Don’t accept an open drink from someone you don’t know, and control the amount of alcohol you consume.

    4. Be prepared for any type of situation. If you feel uncomfortable, you should leave any type of dating situation at a moment of notice that there’s something wrong going on. You may be hesitant to do so if you’re not prepared with a cell phone or spare change and money to call a cab. Always carry mobile phone and money with you. Also inform you parent/ guardian where exactly you are going to meet particular person.

    5. Recognise warning signs. Looking out for red alerts can protect you from dating violence. Behaviours such a: destroying your things, mood swings, getting closer without your agreement may be a sings of upcoming violence. Pay a great and detailed attention to such signs.

    6. Double date. Due to violence reports, many of them happen on first dates when people do not know each other that much or they are not an official couple yet. Double or group date with people you know in order to avoid being alone with someone you don’t know.

    Unfortunately Teens who are in an abusive relationship may have a difficult time getting help that’s why it’s really important to know this topic well and try to avoid it. Once you are abused, it’s really hard to escape from it. If you feel that you are being abused or if there’s any questions you might like to ask, please contact your parent/ legal guardian, your educator at school or community service providers.

  • Dos and don’ts for Teenagers use social/dating apps Posted by Admin

    Online dating is most effective way to find a partner, soul mate or a good friend. Not only it gave you a bunch of functions and features you can choose from and variety of applications make your choice even more wide. Because of multiple choices to make in using social and dating applications it’s easy to make a mistake and get into the wrong one. Adults have a great ability to distinguish which apps might be good or which ones are the one to avoid. What if teenagers get into dating applications? Do they can make a good choice by choose a place to share their passion and thoughts? Internet offers so many social applications, where thousands of teenagers are being opened and share lifestyle with no shame. Here we present the most important dos and don’ts for teenagers using social and dating apps.

    1.Choose the right applications you want to join it. Read description given on app store carefully, check what the application contest it. If you are not sure if application you would like to use is proper to your age group we do recommend to ask your parent or guardian for an opinion.

    2.Be polite online. Use proper language and grammar. Be friendly and opened for making new friends online. Personal culture is your number one positive attitude in online world. If there’s some problem with another user who is trying to make you feel bad do not forget to report it to administration of the application you are using. Such behavior is forbidden and legal actions might be taken towards that person.

    3.Be careful with who you are talking to. Internet is a big, big world and you never know who you will meet on your way. Online dating/ social media applications are perfect place for being anonymous and make bad actions without any consequences. Many abusers are looking for victims online. If you don’t feel comfortable talking to particular person, better finish conversation as soon as possible.

    4.Block users for legitimate reasons. If someone is harassing you, then get out of the situation.

    5. Being your own authentic self really is important. Share your hobbies, your hopes, and your aspirations however remember not to share too many information. There’s a thin line between this and you shall be aware of that. If you don’t know what information you can show ask your parent or guardian.

    6.Think well about your picture and the way you present yourself. Don't choose a photo with a bunch of different people in it, because your potential new friends won't know which one is you.

    7. Meet a person who you known from online only in public places like cinema, coffee shop or shopping mall. If the person you are supposed to meet came out to be somebody else, there’s a possibility to escape and finish the meeting if you are in public place. If you feel unsafe during meeting time, you can ask somebody for a help.

    1. Do not use bad and offensive language even you don’t like particular person who is trying to connect with you. Nobody likes to be called with bad names and being harassed. Don’t be an “Internet Troll”, in other words don’t make bad jokes on people to provoke fights.

    2. Never give your personal data to anyone. Your personal information is precious and only you are allowed to use them in proper way. Many scam or spam companies are trying to get into people’s personal info with really bad future consequences. Giving your address or phone number to stranger is a bad idea either and might have fatal results not only for you, but your family as well.

    3. Do not catfish. Never, ever pretend to be someone else. It’s really bad and might hurt somebody’s feeling. Don't use fake pictures and don't invent a fake life. Using fake pictures is strictly forbidden since there’s a real person behind the picture you are using.

    4. Do not block other users without a reason. Don’t block someone because you think this person is ugly and you both do not match. Politely let them know you're looking for someone else.

    5.Don’t meet with person you known from online if you are not sure who this person is. There are a many bad and violent people waiting for careless teenagers to meet them and abuse. Don’t make an appointment in his/her home or abandoned place. Think about your own safety.

    Dating and social applications are great way to meet new people and have fun. However everybody, especially teenagers, should keep in mind that Internet might be a dangerous place if you don’t know how to behave. We hope our tips will help you, and your teenage kids to get acquainted with social life.