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Top 5 Romantic Movies To Watch With Your Partner

If you are a couple who ditches club nights for comfy movie nights at home but has a hard time finding the right movie? Do you want a rom-com to have some laughs? Or do you want a pure romantic film that makes you snuggle into each other? Well, you have stumbled to the right place because we have got the best choice, and you won’t have to settle for mediocrity. So, grab the cosiest blanket and get some popcorns!

1. The Big Sick

We adore this movie for the relatable moments and clever turns of events. To begin with, the movie is based on a true love tale and is spruced with stand-up comedy. The Big Sick is a fast-moving piece and provides a fair share of laughs. Also, it focuses on the real-life issues of couples and how romantic relationships don’t comply with the stereotypes. Plus, it was launched in 2017, which means the print will be fine!

2. Love Guaranteed

If you are in the mood for rom-com, nothing could be better than Love Guaranteed, especially when it’s available on Netflix. The movie revolves around a lawyer who bags a client. Ironically, the client wants to sue a dating app that promises to help find true love. The story takes an exciting turn when she finds her love in the courtroom rather than on the dating app!

3. Love Actually

The movie is set some weeks from Christmas in London and traces the lives of nine couples as they get ready for the upcoming festivities while going through the regular love-life drama. Not to forget, Colin Firth falls in love with a Portuguese housekeeper who doesn’t understand English (who doesn’t like a good laugh on bad translations, right?). So, play this movie for some interesting romance and comedy.

4. After

This is a soapy movie with nothing serious but romance and fun. “After” includes a college student who is head over heels in love with a bad boy (haven’t we all loved a complicated high-school boy?). So, watch to see things unravel!

5. Titanic

If you want an iconic romantic movie, Titanic is the classiest movie out there. Also, who doesn’t cry over the cutest love story of Jack and Rose? You might have seen the movie already, but it never gets old! The heart goes on.

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