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What Makes Men Swipe Right On Dating Apps – A Guy’s Perspective

Not so long ago, online dating was labelled as scorn and derision because “only pathetic people use dating apps” (did the high-school cheerleader’s word just echoed in your ears?). However, the times have changed, and everyone is finding their true love on dating apps but is it that easy? Maybe not! If you don’t play it right, a guy might not swipe right on your profile. So, to help you score the perfect guy, we are sharing what makes men swipe right on the dating apps, and they are all from men (yup, these will actually work!).

1. Puppy Love Is The Best Love

Guys love dogs, and seeing you with furry friends will catch their attention. So, click a photo with your dog as it portrays that you are outdoorsy, cuddly, and friendly. Not to forget, if you hit it off, you can have a date over dog walks.

2. Gym Pictures

Women don’t like shirtless gym selfies, but guys, on the other hand, love seeing women who work out. Such pictures show that you are active and healthy (it obviously shows off your amazing figure, so what’s the harm?).

3. Catchy Bio

Now that you’ve uploaded the gorgeous pictures, a catchy bio is something that hooks the guy and pushes him to swipe right if you do it right. Ideally, your bio should be witty, interesting, and exciting.

4. Smile, Babe!

Your smile is your crown, and your prince on the white horse will swipe right when he finds you smiling. That being said, use a profile picture where you are naturally smiling, so your personality appears positive and sunny (yup, a smiley picture is all that it takes to make a guy swipe right!).

5. Sports Love?

If you are a sporty person, show off the match/game photos, and the dude will obviously dig you. Generally, guys are fond of sports and feel more connected to the girl watching FIFA with them (just a reference). So, wear that cute jersey, click the vibrant picture, and put it on the profile!

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