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When women reach middle age, there are still men who take the initiative to “flirting” with you, mostly for these purposes

For other purposes that you don’t want to experience

Love means different things for different people for each age group.When we are young, we yearn for vigor and vitality. By middle age, we want stability. Women all want to be loved and to be pursued, but in middle age, things are different. Maybe you already have a family.  You think that he really loves you, but a lot of the time he doesn’t. He might just be trying to take advantage of you, or he more likely that he is just looking for novelty, and then he will go his own way. When you reach middle age, you can no longer treat your suitors as willfully as you did when you were young. You need to discern what he means to you and how you should handle this relationship so that you don’t get hurt. In fact, when women reach middle age, they still pursue the opposite sex, mostly for these purposes.

To experience the freshness

Love is not a game of deceit, but some men like to seek their own interests under the guise of love. Such men take the initiative to approach middle-aged women, and even show great hospitality to them, mostly for the word “interest”, and women have to guard against them. Love is only a part of life. We can fully enjoy the happiness brought by love, but at the same time we need to be alert to the traps in it, so as not to let ourselves fall into it. Love someone, please love them deeply, and don’t waste other people’s feelings and let yourself become a liar. I have seen many such cases in my life. A man approaching a middle-aged woman appears to be because of love, but in fact it is because the other party’s economic conditions are good, such as a few properties, huge savings, and so on. When the man saw this, he pretended to approach her, and when the time was right, he slowly revealed his ambition, either letting the property transfer or trying to move her money. Such a person has a very clear purpose, and such feelings are more hypocritical than we imagine. Only by knowing how to distinguish can we distinguish what is true love and what is playing and exploiting.

Due to the pressure of parents, Want to find a suitable marriage partner as soon as possible

It seems that once entering the society, people will face three kinds of pressures: the pressure of finding a job, getting married, and having children. Pressure always exists around people all the time. If you have just graduated, your family will ask you to find a job, and you will face pressure to find a job; if your job is stable and your age is marriageable , then your family will urge you to go on a blind date, get married, and the pressure of marriage begins to approach you again; if you are already married, your family may urge you to have a child while you are young again, and you will face such pressure to have a child again. These pressures will always subtly make people feel coercive and unpleasant, and these pressures can crush people in all aspects. So when a middle-aged unmarried man is still flirting with you, and often takes the initiative to care about you, you have to evaluate and think seriously, whether he really loves you , or is it just old age, it’s time to get married, find someone who is suitable for marriage. Both of these are very important, because no one can withstand the pressure of family marriage all the time, and then convince himself that he can’t do it in his life. No, everyone will compromise with reality. Everyone is an ordinary person, an ordinary person who cannot shoulder the responsibilities of a hero. It is difficult to take care of yourself under the pressure of this society. If you still need to take care of yourself. One’s own love, taking care of the perfect pursuit of love in one’s heart, is too tiring for an adult. It is easy to find a suitable person for marriage, but true love and sincere affection are too hard to find. If a man is still unmarried in middle age and takes the initiative to flirt with you, then he may not really love you, but in addition to loving you, there are many things that may urge him to do it.

Emotional suggest: When a woman reaches the stage of forty or fifty years old, don’t be blinded by a man’s temporary love, otherwise the consequences will be disastrous. If you say that you already have a stable marriage, you naturally have to reject the pursuit of other opposite sex, because once you are tempted, you will definitely pay the price; if you are single, you should also get to know each other comprehensively. If something is wrong, you have to turn away immediately. In the face of love, don’t be blindly impulsive. Sometimes you look at it like love, but it is actually a hurt. Don’t be fooled and fooled. In any case, stay away from divorce, keep yourself awake, and don’t be deceived by men’s rhetoric. Only in this way can you reap a lifetime of happiness.

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