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Your Quick Guide to Strength Training


Strength training is a basic part of a fitness regiment and a great place to start if you want to take a healthier route in life. It is a type of physical exercise that helps build overall strength and muscle and is one of the most efficient ways to burn off extra calories and help you get toned.

Why strength training?

Regular strength training will help you:

● Strengthen your bones.

● Manage chronic conditions by reducing symptoms of health conditions such as arthritis, back pain, obesity, heart disease, depression and diabetes.

● Manage weight.

● Improve mood.

● Boost confidence.

● Stay young .

● Avoid injuries and bounce back quicker.


To begin strength training, you don’t need an expensive gym membership as straight training can be done anywhere easily, even at home! You don’t even need any gym equipment to get started.

Resistance & Strength

The premise for strength training is resistance, and you can use your body weight for this purpose. Many exercises utilise your body weight in building resistance and strength, such as:

● Leg lifts

● Push-ups

● Sit-ups

● Planks

● Squats

● Mountain climber

If you are thinking of upgrading from basic exercises, you can invest in some dumbbells or barbells. Instead of buying gym equipment, you can also use readily available items present in your kitchens, such as soup cans or milk jugs which will help you level up your resistance building and help strengthen your muscles even more!

There are many new exercises you can do with dumbbells, such as:


● Shoulder press

● Bicep curl

● Overhead tricep press

● Deadlift

● Lateral raises

● Chest press

You can up your game by adding dumbbells to basic exercises as well, such as squats and sit-ups.

Tips before you start working out

Some important things to note before you start working out, however, is that you should:

● Always stretch and warm-up before beginning your workouts to keep from pulling any muscles.

● Focus on form. Maintain good posture and always remember to keep your breathing steady.

● Give yourself a day to recover as rest days are essential to keep yourself from getting injured.

Keep these important things in mind when beginning your fitness journey!


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