How To Date When You’re Over 50

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Can you recall your first date? You probably wore a tuxedo and tie, and the conversation was awkward, right? Fast forward to multiple decades later, you are mature, have lived a great life, and the late-night curfew isn’t there. But hey, if you are nervous to start dating after years, it’s only natural, but we have some fantastic tips to help navigate through dating after 50!

1. Let Go Of The Baggage

When dating after 50, some of the innocent questions include, “did you enjoy online dating?” or “what happened with your previous marriage?” We understand that it’s for breaking the ice, but you will end up comparing their traits to your toxic ex, and you won’t gain anything positive from these conversations. So, keep the conversation fun, engaging, and definitely not about the ex!

2. Try Online Dating

Online dating apps are common, and it seems like even grandmas are getting a hang of itl. Well, that brings us to “why not you?”

Online dating apps are convenient and you can find a person who matches your preferences (yes, you can set your preferences, how cool!). It will help you meet the cream of people (don’t you want a partner that you can flaunt?).

3. Keep Sex Off The Table

You are obviously not a teenager with raging hormones, but you still have desires, of course. So, if you are going on the first date, keep sex off the table and get to know them first. Also, if you do have sex after some time, keep it safe and show respect but don’t shy away from grown-up flirt!

4. What Do You Like About Your Date?

When you are over 50, switch on your discovery mode rather than becoming a reality show judge (yup, we know it’s funny but keep judgments aside). So, whenever you go on a date, start with a positive notion and find three things you like about your date – it could be their smile, dressing, elegance, or etiquettes!

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