The Most Romantic Christmas Date Ideas

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Starbucks is stocking up on pumpkin spice latte, which means it’s time for Christmas, and hey, aren’t Christmas dates the cosiest? Coupled with the holiday spirit, snowy weather, and love in the air, Christmas is the best time for date nights. So, are you ready to check out some romantic Christmas date ideas?

1. Ice Skating 

Ice skating might not be the original winter date idea, but it’s nothing but classic (if you are a fan of “My Life On Ice,” it’s just another reason to take out those skates from the attic). So, plan the ice skating date and have fun massaging each other’s ankles and laugh over your silly falls!

2. Carolling, Baby!

Channel your inner Beyoncé and enjoy some carolling with your LOML. So, make a list of your favourite songs, host the practice sessions, and spread the cheer while having the fun of your life. You can even opt for some elaborate decorations to make it more enjoyable.  

3. Binge Some Christmas Flicks 

If you are into cosy pajamas and hot chocolate loaded with marshmallows, binge-watching some Christmas special movies on Netflix is a perfect date night (don’t forget to watch Princess Switch 3: Romancing The Star). 

4. Get High On Hot Cocoa 

Nope, don’t make hot cocoa at home but rather look for local patio settings and heated settings and get high on hot cocoa. You can even go to different places and try different hot chocolates to find the best one (you can even announce a personal winner and make it your hot cocoa spot). 

5. The Cabin Getaway

If you can’t board the plane for Christmas holiday vacation, take out your phone, download Airbnb, and get a secluded cabin. Honestly, it’s best to snuggle in with your partner for a weekend rather than hopping on different flights for days (it’s even better to get a cabin near a forest to enjoy the snowy surroundings). 

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