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Between the opposite sex, once two people have these “interaction,” basically can be determined as ambiguous!

There is such a controversial topic on the Internet: “How is the ambiguous relationship between men and women formed?” In fact, many people know that “interaction” is inseparable. Just like the “Lovers Are Not Satisfied” the singer sang, whether it is consensual love or wishful thinking, it all contains this kind of ambiguity. It’s like the saying on the Internet: “Love is like ice cream, no matter how you avoid it, it will eventually melt.The same is true for young love in reality. You can deny it if you kill it, but your heart will leak. The only difference is that people who are in love can make a big splash, while men and women in an ambiguous relationship can only be sneaky. In a relationship, how do we distinguish between love and ambiguity? As long as there is such ambiguity between men and women, it can basically be judged as ambiguity!

Deliberate contact when meeting

The relationship between the opposite sex is not common. It is mainly reflected in the contact when meeting. When the heart cannot be suppressed, there will be active and deliberate contact. This is the most obvious way to displays of affection. Ordinary friends of the opposite sex will know to maintain a certain distance, and it is not easy to have contact and closeness. Because there is no favorite ingredient, they will pay more attention to the discretion of “men and women do not get close”, and will pay great attention to some of their words and deeds to avoid misunderstandings. other side. If the relationship between two people is really unusual, there will be active and deliberate contact, such as holding hands, meeting, hugging, etc. These contacts all express the inner love, it is very clear, such a relationship is definitely not ordinary Yes, you don’t need to notice it deliberately. The limit of love is whether there is contact between the opposite sex. Whenever two people hold hands and hug each other, it shows that there is an element of love in the heart, and in fact, two people are in love.

chat often late at night

If a person often chats with you late at night and shares his joys and sorrows with you, there is no doubt that he must like you. Because people only have the desire to talk when facing the person they like, and only want to expose their best side or the most vulnerable side to the other party, in order to get the other party’s resonance or response. Especially in the middle of the night, people are emotional animals at night, and what they show is closer to the most real self. Two people who often chat in the middle of the night will chat a lot and think a lot unknowingly, and will gradually become each other’s emotional sustenance unknowingly, get used to each other, and depend on each other. Frequent late-night chats with the same person for a long time are addictive. If one day the other person is gone, even if there is no substantive relationship between the two of you, you will feel lost as if you have lost the whole world. Therefore, a long chat in the middle of the night is certainly a way to promote feelings, but before that, you need more rational analysis. Is the other party looking for you to chat late at night just as a trash can for him to vent his emotions, or is it just a chat to pass the time? What you have to figure out is, is he single? Does he want to get to know you through chat, or is he just trying to flirt with you? Remember, cut off those scheming late-night long chats as soon as possible, because it is easy for people to like the person who often chats with them, don’t wait until it gets out of hand, but you can only reap an empty joy. Even if you can talk again, don’t fall in love with someone who only chats with you across the screen, otherwise, when that person leaves, you will have nothing.

Spend a lot of time alone and on dates.

The interaction between people is often chatting and hanging out together. If your friends are of the same sex, there may be a possibility to go out alone. If your friends are of the opposite sex there will be occasions when you go out alone, but most of the time Or play with a group of three or five friends. If you and your opposite-sex friends often get along alone, do some things alone, the first thing you think of when you go to play is the other party, and you don’t even want to date other friends, then you must be interested in the other party. If the other party There are also the same ideas and practices, so there is a great chance that this can develop into a couple.

Emotional message: Love or not love can’t be hidden, whether it’s a passionate love, or an ambiguous relationship between lovers above AUO. Although men and women in the ambiguous period cannot have “I miss you”. “I love you” is a clear expression of love. But they will show a tacit understanding beyond ordinary people. Sometimes, the reason why a person can’t be loved may be because of his shy personality, because he may have encountered opposition from his family, or he may not have guessed the other person’s mind. In short, he missed the person he once loved the most. . After these “interactions” between men and women, the relationship will be very ambiguous. Many times, with these “interactions” between the opposite sex, the relationship is no longer normal. Fate is fleeting, and no one will always stand in situ waiting for you. When the one who appears is what you want and love in your heart, you might as well be brave once.

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