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Got A Best Friend? Marry Him!

Have you been seeing your best friend daily? Has he started giving you butterflies? Does your face turn up red when you see them (blushing, not anger)? Do you start smiling as soon as you see them? Well, if you are nodding, it seems like you are in love with your best friend and marrying him might be the best life decision you make. If you need more reasons to satisfy your second thoughts, let’s check out some reasons!

1. Endless Talking 

You are marrying your best friend; do you think you will ever run out of topics? You guys will always have something to talk about, and there won’t be any awkward silences. Not to forget, they will listen, unlike the ordinary husbands who just “hmm” and “nod.”

2. Your Family Approves

Sure, your family doesn’t have a say in who you marry, but who you marry decides how your family events will go (are you getting our point?). So, the fact that your best friend is your best friend means that your family approves of them and marriage life will be bliss. Not to forget, he will have the friendliest relationship with your family members!

3. No Past Talks 

Your best friend probably knows everything about you already, so no dreadful talks about the past (can it get any better, babe?). Also, he knows what hurts you and what topics can trigger you, so easy talking.

4. Quick Fight Resolving

Fights are inevitable, even if you are married to your best friend. However, resolving a fight with a best friend is always easier than fixing fights with boyfriend-cum-husband. Since you both are so close, it will be hard to stay in a fight, hence quick conflict resolving and no grudges!

Ladies, it’s alright to second-guess the idea of marrying your best friend because “it will ruin the friendship,” but take our advice and take that plunge (you won’t regret it). 

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