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What Makes Women Swipe Right On Dating Apps?

Every guy sees some out-of-league girls on the dating app – the girls they would do anything to have a chance with, but none of them swipes right on your profile. Chances are, you have a boring bio and blurry photos (would you swipe right to such girl, no, right?). We are sharing what makes a woman swipe right on the dating app with this post, so are you ready for an overhaul?

1. Set High Standards

If you don’t have an exceptional image and it’s blurry, don’t even think about using it. So, if you have the latest smartphone, simply style your hair, pull on the sophisticated shirt, and ask your friend to take your photo. Also, it’s better to click the pictures in outdoor settings since the lighting is right. Secondly, you should choose clean and well-fitted clothes because a solid impression is everything!

2. Don’t Be A Cliché

If you want a pretty girl to swipe right on your profile, make sure the profile is witty, genuine, and a bit intellectual. Also, while writing the bio, add something that could be a conversation starter.

3. Every Woman Loves Humor

Every woman loves to crack a laugh and actually likes someone who can make them laugh. So, don’t be that tough guy who keeps flaunting his ego and say something witty and wacky. Also, chauvinist, jingoist, and political jokes are a big no!

4. No Mystery

A woman probably has had a dozen relationships before you, and nobody joins a dating app to solve a mystery anyway. So, if you want women to swipe right, leave aside the mystery and only answer the pre-defined questions on the app!

5. Show Your Intellect

You are not Joey who can score a girl with, “how you doin’?” Well, you would get the reference if you were a FRIENDS fan. Anyways, a woman will never swipe right if you don’t appear intellectual. So, create your profile that shows your exploratory side and how you love to learn new things!

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