Get Back On The Groove With Online Dating – The Ultimate Tips

Tinder, Bumble, OkCupid – there are just so many online dating apps, and it’s to a point where everything gets overwhelming. But hey, if you want to get into the online dating world, we are sharing some fantastic tips!

1. A Mirroring Profile 

How many swipe-rights you get on a dating app depends on the profile you create of yourself. So, add some quirks to your profile. But hey, if you want some deep and meaningful relationships, write a thoughtful profile to ensure you are inviting the same-minded people!

2. Smiling Pictures 

With a dating app, it’s better to have a range of cute and sexy photos (sexy doesn’t mean slutty pictures, okay?). Whichever pictures you choose, make sure that your beautiful face and smile shows off. In fact, smiling pictures appeal the most since it creates a fun and approachable appearance. 

3. An Exciting Opener 

“Hi” and “what’s up” aren’t the right messages for the first time, especially never on the dating app where you are trying to land the LOML. Having that said, make the opener interesting and engaging (we once texted a guy, “will you be up for an adventure that includes falling in love with me” because his profile said that he loved adventures). 

4. Don’t Bug People 

If someone isn’t getting back to you after two messages, it’s time to leave them alone and move on to the next charming person on the app. Remember, even if they are on the dating app, they need to be respected, so respect their boundaries. 

5. Don’t Hoard 

We understand that you are back to the dating game but don’t bite off more than you can chew. So, don’t text more people than you can actually talk to because hoarding will only make this entire experience exhausting (do you know it leads to dating burnout?). 

Lastly, have fun because online dating is all about that! 

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