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Things You Must Discuss Before Moving In With Your Boyfriend

“Babe, here are the keys to my apartment – I want you to move in with me!” And that’s where everything goes down the hill. Well, maybe it won’t if you discuss the right things before taking such a big leap. So, ladies, grab the pen and paper and start taking notes!

1. What Is Their Definition Of A Tidy Apartment?

You wake up one morning, and your boyfriend has gone to work, and all you can see around are his clothes, belt, and underwear that had to go into the laundry box – what do you do?

Generally, boyfriends are messy, and it’s a problem if you prefer a clutter-free place. So, before you accept that apartment key, discuss how they keep the apartment tidy and don’t forget to take cleaning turns (you clean on Mondays, he does on weekends!). 

2. Who Will Do The Chores?

Moving in isn’t always about cuddles in the morning and smooching all night; there are chores, and you have got to divide them.

Discussing it beforehand will prevent various conflicts in the future (can you hear yourself screaming, “You didn’t do the laundry load!” if you don’t divide the chores now?). Make a list of chores and divide them according to each other’s preference and convenience.

3. Are You Paying The Rent Or For Utilities?

It doesn’t matter how amazing a job your boyfriend has; you need to divvy up the bills. It’s important to discuss the expenses and divide them to ensure no one is burdened with the finances.

4. Do Your Friends Come Over?

Of course, his friends come over, but how often? Remember, when you live together, you must be on the same page about inviting friends. It’s an important discussion for respecting each other’s schedules and personal boundaries. Not to forget, you are preventing so many arguments with this one discussion, believe us!

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