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Speak Your Friend’s Love Language

We all have our own love languages that speak to us, even in friendships. After spending a lot of time with someone, you slowly begin to identify their love language — essentially, what makes them happy and feel loved. And in friendships, these little things can bring huge chunks of joy!

So take out five minutes to learn how you can express your love to your friend in many different ways:

Words of Affirmation

Yes, words—the age-old whisperers of love. Most times, people simply overlook the power of words, considering them too overused. And in turn, they slowly become too used to never saying nice things to their friends. Bad, bad thing to do!


● Tell them “I love you” regularly. Even if sounds very cheesy!

● Leave cute written notes for them in their bag or between the pages of their books. Mention something you like about them in it.

● Tell them how special they are and specify meaningful things about their personality that make them extraordinary.


Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

No, you do not have to be filthy rich for this, only thoughtful. Take note of things they like and gift them little items now and then. For example, you can get them a scented candle or make a happy playlist for them when they feel down.


Acts of Service

Help them out with small things that express love, respect, and thoughtfulness. For example, bring them their lunch if you see them busy with their work/studies. Help them in cleaning their room, organize their grocery, etc. Do their chores when they are feeling unwell.

Physical Touch

No, you are never too cool for a warm friendly hug! Hug your friends, hold their hands, and do not shy away from human touch!

Quality Time

You should never limit your friendship to parties or school/workplace timings. Extend your love outside of these social structures in the following ways:

● Spend a day with them at the park talking about your shared interests.

● Spend time with them over lunch or coffee.

● Stay away from your phone when you are with them.

● Plan fun and meaningful friend dates with them.


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