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From knowing to getting along, how to quickly determine whether this boy is reliable?

There is a saying that I always hear in the emotional counseling process of many girls, that is: “I really did not expect that he is such a person.”

Yes, painting a tiger’s skin is difficult to paint its bones. Knowing the person knows the face but not the heart. If I had known this earlier, it wouldn’t have happened. But there is no regret medicine in this world, and money is hard to buy “knowing it earlier”.

So how can we prevent this kind of thing from happening to us more often?

Learn to get to know a boy’s true quality through various details in the process of getting to know each other, in fact, you can judge whether the boy is reliable to a large extent.

So what details can we use to see whether a boy is reliable? Then there are two stages:

Initial stage


See if he has specific plans for a date

Whether you’ve met online or on a blind date, or just met in your life and are looking to develop, your first date is an important factor to consider.

If this guy has a detailed plan for your first date, then you can first see whether he takes this matter seriously. Second, it can be seen whether he is a person who has the habit of planning ahead before doing things.

First, you can see how much he values ​​you. As for the second point, it can be seen that if you develop successfully, after being together, he will be a person without a plan in his life.

For example, when it comes to things like traveling and moving, is he a person who can only disrupt battles, or simply stand by and let the other half handle it?


ask his friends out

You can form a game, such as eating, singing K and so on. Then, let the boys call a few of their brothers, and then you call your sisters to come out and play together.

As the saying goes, “like things gather, people are divided into groups.” By observing the friends around a person, you can roughly understand what kind of person he is.

If his good brothers are all frivolous, unqualified, rude people, then there is a high chance that he is such a person in private.

But if the buddies around him are more gentlemen, polite to people, and have high emotional intelligence and sense of proportions, then basically he will be such a person.


see if he likes animals

If a guy likes small animals, he even has pets and takes good care of them.

Then it can be seen that he is a more loving, responsible and giving spirit.

But if for some reason, he has never raised small animals, but they don’t hate small animals, and even have a very kind attitude towards small animals, that’s a bonus.

But if you can clearly feel his unkindness and disgust towards small animals, then you need to carefully examine his behavior.

Getting along


Is it “out of service area” frequently?

If you have been with a guy for a while and have been dating regularly.

Then you have to pay attention to this point, that is: Is it every time he makes an appointment, and at other times, it is difficult for you to find him.

If so then you need to consider two points, first: what is he doing during the time he is “out of service”?

Second: Is he a person who only considers himself and does not accommodate others at all?


attitude towards their parents

After you get acquainted with a boy, you may also get in touch with his parents, or hear something about his parents indirectly from him.

Then at this time, you can observe the relationship between him and his parents. If he has a poor relationship with his parents, or is not filial to his parents, then his sense of family responsibility will also be poor.

Some people say that the more harmonious the relationship between him and his parents, the better?

Actually not, you have to focus on observing the relationship between him and his mother, if he has a good relationship with his mother, but he can also have his own independent thinking and his own rational thinking when doing things.

Instead of listening to fucking opinions on everything and making up his own mind about anything, then he is largely an ideal partner.


observe the details

When you are familiar with him to a certain extent and have the opportunity to go to his residence, then you must observe these two details.

First, you have to look at his refrigerator. If a boy’s refrigerator is full of drinks or fast food, then it means that he is basically a boy who can’t cook.

Usually, I either rely on takeout food to get by, or I just make do. It can be seen that he is very likely to be a boy who does not know how to cook and whose diet is not very healthy.

On the contrary, if his refrigerator is full of fresh fruits and vegetables, he is likely to be a boy who lives a healthy diet and can cook.

Second, you have to look at his bookcase. A person’s bookcase can intuitively reflect a person’s cultural level and values.

If he usually blows his own hype, how can he read a lot of books.

But every book in his bookcase is very brand new, there is no trace of opening, and even a thick layer of ash has fallen on it, so it is very likely that this bookcase is the same as his words, but it is only a part of its value to him. kind of packaging.

But don’t jump to conclusions if his bookcase is full of brand new, unopened books.

Because now many people like to read e-books, but they like to buy physical books for collection. The specifics have to be determined by your later understanding.

I believe that many girls have met boys who feel good, but after in-depth contact with each other and starting a relationship, they found various contradictions, and the other party may also be a scumbag.

Then the time, energy and emotion she spent on that boy was just wasted.

Therefore, if you can clearly judge from the beginning whether he is the person you want, you can avoid wasting our precious energy on the wrong person.

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