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If you meet such a man when you are in love, you can marry with confidence and boldness!

Many times, some girls who ask me about their emotions will say the same thing to me: Although my boyfriend has some shortcomings, many times, I think he still loves me very much, should I choose to continue with him? 

In fact, in many cases, after listening to it, I can only silently say that it is not worth it for them, and then comfort them by saying, it doesn’t matter, he is not the only man in the world, you deserve better.

What kind of man is really worthy of our love? Today, I’m here to popularize the four elements of true love with you, to help you clear your emotional confusion and let you love with confidence and boldness.

What kind of boy is suitable to spend your life with you and enter into marriage?


be patient with you

Living with someone who is impatient with you is a disaster.

In life, you will endure his impatience with you all the time.

The first time you learned to cook, he thought you were slow and not good enough; you asked him to accompany you shopping, you just entered the fitting room to try on clothes, and he was sitting on pins and needles; you attended his friends’ party and wanted to dress up Just help him support the scene, he will think you are dawdling.

In this way, the piles and piles of life have accumulated over a long period of time. Even if you can bear it, there will be many quarrels.

Can you still have a good marriage and a good life when you are “disgusted” by your other half in the state of your life all day long?

So, if you want to know if a man is really right for you, first see how patient he is with you.

If he’s patient enough with you, then he’s successfully shortlisted for the other half of your life.


Not always opening and closing for you

There may be many girls who have had this experience. When you make a decision, there is always a voice interfering with you: “Don’t do this, that choice is better, I’m all about it. For your own good! If you weren’t my girlfriend, I wouldn’t care about others.”

There is a kind of boy who always uses “for your own good” as an excuse to kidnap you, trying to use his own ideas to change you and interfere in your life.

In every small matter, he always makes decisions for you in the name of “for your own good”, but he never thinks about who defines “good” for this “good”.

Both parties in a marriage should be equal, and whoever has the right to be respected. If a man doesn’t even consider your feelings and your thoughts about the little things in life, how can you expect him to respect your choices in the big things in life?

Think about it, in case one day in the future, when you are dying of pain in the delivery room, urging the doctor to help you with a caesarean section, but the man said “for your own good” and refused to sign. At that time, how desperate you should be.


Able to be “harmonious but different” with you

No two leaves in the world are the same. Likewise, no husband and wife are born together to be a perfect fit.

You can be different in your way of life, but be tolerant of each other.

For example, if you like spicy food, he likes light, but he will not force you to be like him. 

On the other hand, you like to watch Korean dramas, and he likes to watch football games, but you will not argue about it. You snuggle up next to him, he watches the ball game on TV, and you watch the Korean drama on Ipid and cry.

Another example is that you like to eat tomatoes, but he likes eggs. Every time you order tomato scrambled eggs, you are responsible for eating the tomatoes, and he is responsible for eating the eggs.

In short, you can have a lot of differences, but you can somehow reach a tacit understanding, and you will be different.

But remember one thing, although you can have thousands of different ways of life, you can’t be different in the three views.

If you have obvious differences in consumption outlook, values, and world outlook, and the other party still can’t stand the difference between you and wants to forcibly assimilate you, then he will definitely not be the right person for you.


Occasionally immature in front of you

If your significant other has always been very mature and rational in front of you, almost perfect, then you have to be careful.

When people are in front of their loved ones, they will let their guard down.

If a man in front of you has never shown his childish or even irrational behavior, then there are only two possibilities, either he is fake or he is terrible.

A person who is unwilling to let go of his defense and face the truth, do you think he really loves you? A terribly rational person, would he give up his own interests for the sake of his love?

His career, his hobbies, his family, and his life plans will all be more important than you in his heart.

Because these things, in his opinion, are what can accompany him for a lifetime, while a girlfriend is an uncertain factor.

When you are with him, you must keep yourself out of his way at all times and not become a drag on him, otherwise you will receive a peaceful, rational, and even slightly gentle parting notice.

Remember, a man is always innocent like a child in front of a woman he really likes. If he really loves you, he won’t mature in your presence forever.

When you meet a man who meets the above four conditions at the same time, then there is no doubt that he is the one who is suitable to spend your life with you.

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